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What have you got planned for September 10-14?

Hello, I am the Media Specialist at Hobart High School and District Media Coordinator for the School City of Hobart. We are 1:1 at the HS , MS, and upper elem classes. I am also the President of the Board for Lake County Public Library. It is important to keep students at all levels interested in reading and we must continue to foster a love of reading whether they use books or e-devices.
I am enjoying reading everyone's posts!

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Great description of complexity vs. difficulty. Credit goes to Lindsey Thompson!

Copyright questions - How much audio/video can be used?
- Can a few seconds or minutes be used without infringement?
- Can a copyright audio be present in the background of a recording?
- Is it "You can't use anything at any length" or are there exceptions?
- Are there exceptions for education?
Sorry for asking something that many folks have battled years ago. I am looking for definitive answers to pass on.

I am thinking about hosting a webinar on digital citizenship at 4pm eastern on Tuesday, September 11th or 12th, during Indiana Digital Citizenship Week. If you would be interested in sharing what you are doing to teach digital citizenship in your classroom/school, email me at Please include which day(s) you're available and a bit about what you would share. Thanks so much!

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2018 pornography addiction statistics - Covenant Eyes

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I'm struggling to find anything on the IDOE website related to the 2018 Indiana Digital Citizenship week. 2017 content appears to be gone, as well.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Tomorrow is my last day with the IDOE and so I wanted to make sure that a cool project a group of educators has been working on gets shared here. I will cross post this in GEG Indiana since it's a Google for Education program. A huge thanks to the design committee and those who helped get the message out to Summer of eLearning attendees! Follow the hashtag #beawesomeIN

I really appreciate all the work +Diana Gill, +Kate Masterson, +Brandy Hicks, +Melissa Walley, +Thomas Ho, +JENNIFER CHANCE COOK +Dianna Knox +Chantell Manahan, +Stepheny Lemenager, Lauren Krumholz and +Kyle Kline

I apologize if I missed anyone!
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