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Name: Gohan
Age: 18
Sailor Guardian: Angel of Death
Representing: Planet Vegeta
likes: fighting, training, humiliating opponents
dislikes: weaklings, cheap tactics, losing
birthday: 3/12/1999
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Name:Tamiko Tsukino
Sailor Guardian:Sailor Sun Moon
Represents:Sun and Moon/love and friendship
Likes:drawing, rain, music and her friends and family
Dislikes:being alone, losing everything she loved, her progress and seeing others suffer
Birthday:June 1st (my actual birthday XD weird right?)
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Anyone wanna join? I'm trying to get people who are active in my community

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I will love to be Chibiusa
Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Scout of Thunder
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Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn
(Sailor Chibi Moon und Sailor Saturn)
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He is not an original character, being from the video game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
NAME: Sho Minazuki
CV: Kenichi Suzumura
SAILOR/VILLAIN NAME: Sailor Blood Moon (As Sho), Tsukiyomi (As Minazuki)
AGE: Unknown (presumably in his early 20's)
POWERS: Sho can't use a Persona, but his superhuman abilities make up for it. Minazuki can use his Persona Tsukiyomi to use a mix of fire and darkness skills to confuse his opponents.
LIKES: Fighting (both personalities), Making puns (as Sho), Mass Destruction (as Minazuki)
DISLIKES: Friendship, Bonds, those who interfere with his plans of pure evil
BIO: Due to his lonely and painful past, Sho grows into a young man with a vicious streak and an interest in fighting, as he later states it is all he knows. He is a puerile, flippant, hot-headed, and anxious young man. A loner who dismisses companionship as he mocks Yu Narukami for his "useless" friendship with others, viewing people as too weak to rely on. He has a habit of throwing a tantrum when something doesn't go as he hoped, even going mad with rage to the point that Minazuki will posses him to stop it. Junpei Iori even calls him a brat due to his tantrums.
Sho is described as a misanthrope, loathing everything and everyone, and wishing for a world where only he lives. He questions Teddie on why he would ever desire to be human. Due to Shuji Ikutsuki's influence, Sho has a habit of making puns in his manner, which are so terrible that not even Teddie nor Yukiko Amagi find them funny. Ever since Ikutsuki "threw" Sho away, he felt abandoned, and thus, his nihilistic views grew mixed in with his previous isolation. Although he knew Ikutsuki's true nature, Sho could not deny that his surrogate father was all he had in his life and did care for him.
During story mode, Tohru Adachi compares Minazuki to his previous self before the Investigation Team defeated him. However Adachi is quick to insult Sho once he discovers the motivation behind his actions. To Adachi, who truly despises the world, Sho is "nothing but a little kid throwing a tantrum", who has a chance of redeeming himself as Adachi feels he himself has done more wrong than Sho has ever done.
Minazuki is a soul born inside him due to the Plume of Dusk and is composed, methodical, callous, and manipulative, while also being fond, caring, protective, and devoted to Sho. Both people are aware of each other, with Minazuki going as far trying to kill Ikutsuki for causing Sho to suffer, as well as being quick to dismiss others who try to harm Sho the same way (or take advantage of him). However, it would seem the normal Sho's past of constant experimentation is what drives Minazuki from the Plume of Dusk into believing that, like the normal Sho, he feels that humanity must meet its end in order to give his other self the peace he needs.
Sho puts much trust in Minazuki and is baffled when one can overpower him, or when Minazuki cannot be channeled by Sho for some reason.
QUOTES (taken from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax):
(As Sho)
"Just get rid of this stupid world!"
"Aaaah! Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up! I won, so I'm right!"
"As long as he's with me, there's no way I can lose!"
"This red fog's the end of your everyday peace. I'd kill to murder you all... Just joking! C'mon, laugh!"
"Hahaha! The hell is "strength of bonds"? Sounds like an excuse for weaklings. No way I need anything like that!"
Vs Yu Narukami: "Man, your weapon is dull. Do you fight people with sworddom or boredom?"
Vs Yosuke Hanamura: "Whoa, you're real weak! I guess they call you Yosuke because you skate by every challenge, huh?"
Vs Chie Satonaka: "So, you're supposed to be a meat eater? I find that pretty hard to swallow!"
Vs Kanji Tatsumi: "A "real man," eh? Sounds like you're ready to die for real, man! I'm not joking."
Vs Mitsuru Kirijo: "All this ice is leaving me cold! Hey, that was a good one, huh!?"
VS Akihiko Sanada: "So, you're a boxer, right? Perfect! That'll fit with you being sent home in a pine box!"
VS Aigis: "You got one of those feathers in you, right? Well then... I'll just have to break you to pieces!"
VS Junpei Iori: "Play ball! I'll line drive you to your death! Ahahaha!"
Vs Tohru Adachi: "The hell...? You said you'd help, so I let you alone. But if you're gonna go against me, I guess you should die! So DIE!"
Vs Shadow Labrys: "The hell did you come here for!? You were freaking useless!"
Vs Elizabeth: "You're a strange one... Why'd you come here, anyways?"
(As Minazuki)
"Almost... It has almost started. And you cannot stop it."
"I just want to protect him. Not that it matters to you..."
"Are you done with your "bonding" act already? Don't worry, I'll kill everyone at once."
"Abandon your useless notion of bonds, in exchange for a world where you can live freely."
"You're powerless unless you act as a group, correct? How miserable, sad, and most of all irritating."
"I will create a world for that boy. If you insist on getting in my way, I will simply have to kill you."
Vs Akihiko Sanada: "So, you promised not to lose anything anymore? Too bad; you'll never protect anything with such meager strength."
Vs Mitsuru Kirijo: "Shadow Operatives... What a nuisance. Well, you may as well become fodder here."
Vs Yu Narukami: "The resolve between you, who have been blessed, and me is different. My victory here is proof, is it not?"
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Sho's intro:

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Minazuki's intro:

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I am Tsukiyomi... The cruel moonlight darkness that exists in the barren lands... Your soul shall be lit by the morning moon...
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