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My friends!!! 💗💗
3 Awesome Horror Villains Together!😎👍👌✌🖖🤘💯✔

Freddy Krueger is 100% cringy to me.

Who closes the bus door when the bus driver gets off???

If I weigh 99 lbs and I eat a pound of nachos am I 1% nacho???

Dinosaurs are ACTUALLY giant mutant Yoshis.

If u drop soap on the floor is the floor clean or the soap dirty???

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So like, I don't usually do this, but my friend did it and it worked. Pretty much all you need to do is click the link go to the website and leave. I know it doesn't benefit you at all, but I really need to money and you guys could make one too. I just want to see how well this really works or if it just truly is a spam.


I saw the movie was weird.

My user name on G+ is my ACTUAL name in real life.
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