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At our March 2017 Meeting ... 24 gamers (7 females) descended upon the Training Room at the Circleville, Ohio North Court Fire Station and gamed from 11am to 8pm.

Games Played were: Carcassonne (2), Qwixx, New York Slice, Kremlin, Stone Age, Qwirkle, Conquest, Take It Easy (2), Rondo, Splendor, Sushi Go Party, Las Vegas, Dead of Winter.

Join us in April ... we will teach you to play our favorite games or bring some of yours and teach us those.

See you in April.

Wonder what game that is that hit the table in Roundtown?

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We are having a game get together in CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio on July 2nd. We will meet in the Circleville North Court Fire Station Community Room. Noon to 8pm. Join us - It's FREE !!!

Circleville Fire Station Game Event

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Only 3 days left to receive prereg prices. Email for more email!

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I am late writing this up, but things have been very busy. I got together at the Great Lakes Game Emporioum a couple of weeks ago with Jeff, +Mark Malnar +scott kowalke. As a group we knocked out a game of Russian Railroads and I had mixed feelings on it. On the one hand it was a good game, however, it had almost no theme and was as dry as hundred year old parchment.
Once Russian Railroads was over Scott & Mark had to leave, but Jeff was able to stay and we got in a great game of Thunder Alley. I really love this game and look forward to playing it more. Overall it was a nice game night and we had a lot of fun.
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This last weekend we took some vacation days and headed down to Origins Game Fair. They had moved it to an earlier schedule this year and, realizing it would conflict with our wedding anniversary, I planned to only initially check into the hotel on Wednesday before taking my wife out for an evening she would enjoy.
We went over to Easton Mall where we caught part of an outdoor band playing some rock classics and got a chance to look at their outdoor train garden. After that we went over to a restaurant called the Melting Pot for a four course fondue dinner. It started with cheese and wine melted together into which we dipped bread and fruit, followed by all kinds of meats and vegetables and all sorts of things being dipped in a sort of wine based broth with sauces of various types to add to them. It was a delightfully confusing array of foods, but it was equally tasty and it passed by in a heady way. Lastly we ended by dipping fruits, breads, brownies, etc in to a chocolate fondue with a heath bar mixed in. It was dangerously amazing and I think I am only safe because I cannot afford to eat this way all of the time.
Once dinner was done we headed to the theater to see Mad Max. This may not sound romantic to you, but it is the kind of film +Susanna Parish enjoys. This was in a plush theater that served food and drink to you in your seat, a service we did not avail ourselves of, but it was novel to lat back in a recliner while watching a film at the movies. For those who don't know, yes, Mad Max is pretty good.
The next day we registered for the con proper , but before going for the long walk from Crowne Plaza to the con, (and it is a very long walk indeed), we had noticed we were short a few necessaries. My wife got food at the Einstein bagel place inside the con, however, feeling more adventurous I decided to try a place en route to local CVS a few blocks south of the con proper.
We stopped at a local Latin fusion kind of place called Casa Sazon and I got a huge spicy breakfast burrito there. He had his own homemade hot sauce and it jazzed nicely with the rest of the burrito. It turned out to be a good decision on my part. After that we continued our walk the last couple of blocks down to the CVS, just south of Capitol Square, where they had all the extras a con goer might need. It was in fairly easy walking distance of the con and not more than a mile each way.
After we dropped our stuff off at the hotel we headed down to the Mayfair area to play on their large version of the Downfall of Pompeii. They were generally nice to us, though I heard them being a bit rude to a couple of others who didn't have Mayfair ribbons. I left with a mixed impression of their hospitality, but glad I had finally got to play Pompeii, even though my wife won.
This is when we went to lunch at the West Side Market. It is a great place full of tiny cafe's with a huge variety of cuisines from all over the world. We both got some Indian food, a potato based dish that was quite delicious and some samosa. The Samosa were so big we put them in the min fridge to have for breakfast the next morning.
At this point I went to get my gaming chest from the room to play games in the board room. My wife split off to hit the trade floor and later the paint and take. I will cover some of her experiences in a moment. I got my gaming chest down to the board game area and manged to find two nice fellows to play games with me. I think one was named Matt (I'm sorry I may have gotten your name wrong,) and the other +Richard Robosky, also known as 'Robo.' He was easier to remember because he gave me his card. We got in a game of Colt Express & Acquire, before they had to leave and get some food. We had hoped to meet and play games later in the con and didn't, but this was entirely my fault and I hope to meet and play games with both of them in the future.
I made use of the time to get to where a demo of Chaosmos was going to be held a while later and Susanna caught up with me there. She had painted me a turtle, with a cannon on its back, earlier at the paint and take, but she expressed the opinion that the reaper paints they were using were far inferior to the normal citadel paints we use at home. In addition someone had primed all of the figures in a white primer that made it hard to get a proper paint job done. To get it painted right she had had to repaint the entire figure in a dark base color before she could really begin. I got the feeling she didn't think that people running it knew nearly as much about painting as they ought, which is probably why she didn't go back to that the rest of the con.
Once were done discussing that Joey Vigour, the designer of Chaosmos, showed up along with one other player and he personally taught us the game. The time to play, including teaching was about 90 minutes and it was tons of fun. I pulled out a last minute win here based on a combination intuition, luck, and one players treachery towards another. It was tons of fun with lots more modules to add in and I totally look forward to playing it again.
Once this was done we headed over to the infamous Barley's for dinner and had some of their point of Origins ale, which was quite strong even as it went down easy. Susanna tried the Hobbit's delight and I went for the Cuban. Both were good, but in truth her choice was way better.
That night while in our room I learned, from the handy dandy Origins program, that Dennis L. McKiernan was doing a number of events on Friday. I personally love his fiction and many of my costumes I wear for cosplay have been inspired by his work. Particularly my Baeron costume and both him and Tolkien have had influences on my Dwarf costume, aye, I know I be not short enough. Use your imagination.
With this in mind not only did I hit the trade floor the afternoon, in hopes of seeing him, but I planned to go to another event he would be at that made getting back to board game floor hard.
The next day we hit the trade floor in hopes of getting a few things before they disappeared. I was disappointed in this as it turned out my personal choice, Dark Moon from Stronghold Games, had sold out almost immediately on Thursday. We did get to see some friends from the Malted Meeple, that I had done a review for recently and they were very friendly. We also met some people I have seen at other cons.
We were lucky, although the authors were not so, that I and my wife found the author area mostly abandoned by everyone except for the authors themselves. We got to have some nice long conversations with our favorite authors. In my case Dennis L. Mckiernan, and in Susanna's case Michael Stackpole & Timothy Zahn. We both had some fanboy/fangirl moments. After that we hit the market for lunch. Susanna got some New York Style pizza and I got some. meat-falling-off-the-bone, ribs. I really should be glad I can't afford to eat this well normally.
Later in the day we were waiting in line for an event with Dennis L. McKiernan. I think we were treating it like Gen Con and expecting a long line. We need not have worried. Once the event started there was hardly anyone there aside from us and a few other fans so what might have been a very controlled event in a larger gathering turned into a very personal conversation, between him and the few fans that showed up, about his work and how it developed. To be fair it was like that for all authors at the con. It was as if no one knew the wonderful worlds these people had created, which is sad. The good part of it though was that you got to actually talk to these people for some time. Dennis L. McKiernan personally admired the Baeron costume my wife had sewn for me based on his work and commented I did indeed have the look of such a creature in body as well as costume. I got the feeling he thought it was like seeing a character of his world come to life. I can't take any credit for that as
+Susanna Parish made my costume and she does fine work indeed.
We went back to the hotel after this as we were waiting for our friends, Jake Myer & +Sarah Hoskins to come in. We had an extra bed in our room and we had agreed to let them crash with us if they came down. We went down to the hotel bar and played some games as we waited, mainly Valley of the Kings. They were slowed by a number of events though and did not get down there until far later than we expected them. In retrospect we should have gone to at least part of the Secret Cabal celebration at the bar on 2, but we did not realize our friends would be so late. Once they did, however, arrive we went to Barely's for a late dinner and some drinks with our friends before heading off to bed.
The next day we took our friends to the trade floor after breakfast at North Market (Waffles!) as they only had one day. The canvassed it pretty hard and in the end Jake bought a copy of Super Dungeon Explore as well as the upgrade, the newer version Forgotten Kings and lots of extras. He also bought Sarah a dragon that sat on the outside of her ear, not an earring exactly but something else. I bought Susanna a D20 made of Jasper and really cute Dragon puppet with wings she could flap that she intends to introduce into her RPG's. For myself I purchased a copy of the One Ring RPG along with the GM screen. On a side note as I purchased the One Ring, Dennis L. McKiernan came up and commented on my Dwarf costume. He told me and I would have to be shorter to make it work, but loved it general. I agreed and told him what that as he had done in his books I had to ask others to use their imagination. He liked the thought and was very nice as always.
Our purchasing spree being done we headed off to a late lunch at North Market. I got myself some pulled pork and Susana got Vietnamese. Our friends being there for only one day, bought a sampling of foods from a number of places there, and it was an amazing sight to see. A Hobbit would have felt right at home there.
They elected to go to the paid LARP event right above the registration area, but despite the fact we had spoke to them that morning, it seemed by the time we wished to do it there was no space to be had for us, which is a pity as this was something Jake really wanted to do.
At this point, despite the fact they were getting ready to leave in a couple hours or so, Sarah suggested we show her the rest of the con. This not being possible in the time allotted I took her by the big areas like open demo's, the miniatures, etc. During this tour she spotted the game Krosmaster Arena by Japanime Games and asked if we could demo it. Susanna warned her it wasn't that a great a game, but as she expressed continued interest I took her over to ask for a demo.
What Japanime games delivered was, possibly, the worst version of a demo I have ever seen at a con. They cut out half the rules, randomly applied the ones remaining, and then abandoned us five minutes into the demo. As I could see this going downhill with the group in general after a few rounds I asked Sarah if she as having fun. She said she wasn't and I advised her and the group to abandon the game explaining that this was what a demo was about and that if you didn't like a demo, particularly, with a group of friends who agreed, there was no reason to stay and attempt to play it out.
Before they left later that eve she gave me a compliment that she much preferred the way I explained & presented games over anything she had seen at the con. At the time I didn't tell her that was the worst demo I had ever seen, but perhaps I should at some point in the future.
That eve, after our friends had left, we went to dinner at Kooma Sushi. It a great Sushi place that while, not large, has some amazing Sushi for in varieties any Sushi lover can appreciate. A little costly, but well worth a visit,
The last day, Sunday was the packing up day and me and Susanna headed back to the Waffle place in North Market as it was truly amazing. Once that was done I headed over to Mayday games where I met the owner and asked him why they were selling Chopstick Dexterity 3000 when I hadn't received my two copies of it or Coconuts. He was shocked by this as he thought it had all been fulfilled and, after seeing a ton of detailed e-mails I showed on my smartphone, not only made it good on the spot, but also gave Meteor & a copy of Dead Man's Draw for my patience. Truthfully I was more than mollified and I believe it wasn't an intentional mistake on their part. I can only give them kudos for bending over backwards to make it right. Before I left I also picked up the third book in the Dresden RPG, Dread, and a base copy of Savage Worlds. Susanna found some more dice that she wanted, particularly one made of camel bone, and picked that up as well.
In summary it was a good con. I wish I had been granted more time to game at it, but that being said it was a a great gaming con and I wouldn't trade most of it away, with a few minor exceptions. All in all. Origins 2015 was a great success for me and I will indeed be going next year.
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Yesterday I had a friend, Jeff, stop by to trade some games for painting. I traded him my Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Ed., Bruges, & Utopia in exchange for him agreeing to paint all of my War of the Ring miniatures.
Once that was done he asked me if I would agree to teach him Blood Bowl: Team Manager. I agreed and taught it to him with all the expansions. It was pretty epic and we had tons of fun with it.
My wife came in as we were finishing up and after he left she made both of us a dinner of salmon burgers grilled with terriyaki and served with waffle cut fries. They were amazing and our cat begged way too much salmon of us, but I couldn't blame him as it was quite tasty.
After dinner was over she agreed to come with me to visit a new gaming cafe in the area, The Malted Meeple. I say in the area loosely, but the greater Cleveland/Akron area is a big area and it was a bit of a drive.
Not knowing what kind of games they would have I brought some smaller games for two players along. When we got down there we found the place, though it is a bit set back from the road and I highly suggest looking up its location before you go. Upon entering we were greeted by a nice host, who explained to us there was a five dollar table fee, but other than that you need pay nothing else. He did mention they had a variety of snack foods, shakes, and craft beer.
I started out with a water and my wife got a wheat ale. I inspected their game library and noticed that though they had well over a hundred games in their collection, including lots of games I either enjoy or would love to play, they did not have many for two players that were more gamerly. Most of their more interesting games were in the 3-5 player region and felt geared toward groups of that number.
Luckily, as I mentioned previously, I had brought some games of my own. We started out with a game of Star Realms, which my wife handily won. While we were playing Star Realms, the host came by with a flight of shakes, similar to a flight of beer, he was showing off. They were the Degeva, the Hoth, and the Tatooine Twist.
Once we were finished playing Star Realms we ordered a flight of shakes for ourselves. The Tatooine Twist was sweet and had and orange flavor in it, my wife described it as a orange creamsicle. It was suggested it went with something spicy, like some buffalo popcorn they apparently sold, but having eaten earlier we passed on it. My wife, however, did agree it needed to be paired with something spicy. The Hoth was a malt shake with a subtle spice in it that was really smooth, and Degeva was a cookies and cream with a nice minty flavor. We liked all of them although my favorite was the Hoth and +Susanna Parish was most taken by Degeva.
The repast being consumed we decided to try another game I had brought, which we both learned on the spot, Biblios. It was a game with some really interesting drafting mechanics and although my wife won, we both agreed that this is one we wanted to play again. I think it has far more depth than it first seems to and it proved quite interesting.
When we started setting up our next game, Gravwell, the waiter came by and asked if they could get us anything. We ordered a Mayan Truffle for each of us and received them only a little bit into the game of Gravwell. The truffle was the deep chocolate taste you would expect from a truffle with just a hint of spice at the end, which was a nice touch.
That was the finish of a very nice gaming day for me. As far as the Malted Meeple goes I was left with a overall good impression, though I would stress certain points for it. If you go, I would go with a group of three of more. For a smaller group I'm not certain their game library really supports that, unless you bring games of your own. The second point is that this place does not serve lunch or dinner, only snacks. If you are likely to get hungry I would suggest eating before you go. Since this is a game cafe I should probably comment on the tables. They are large with glass surfaces and a raised ridge. While I would have preferred a cloth surface with a bit more texture for traction, the glass surface was not a huge problem. One nice feature was the raised edges of the table, making it harder for dice or cards to slide off of them.
These are the only negatives though, and I'm not sure if my comments on the table are not somewhere in between, rather than being a negative. They have tons of good games in their library for 3-5 player groups and from what I could see of the other tables the staff seems to have some familiarity with the games. I did not get to personally ask them to teach a game, but I may make a point of doing so at some point in the future. A big positive for me was the environment and the staff. The feel of the place left one feeling gaming was a refined activity for adults and young adults. It was very welcoming to dates and women and there were ,in fact, a number of women there. This paired with an extensive snack and craft brew menu left one feeling they could spend hours here in mixed company or with more casual gamers and everyone could walk away remembering the experience very favorably. Overall I was impressed and for the groups I described, I will likely go here in the future.
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Last night me and some friends got into a game of Twilight Imperium at our local FLGS, Great Lakes Game Emporium. It was not a game of outright conquest, but everybody was at war at some point, and most of us spent half the game trading territory back and forth. Eventually the game ended and the vp's were a three way tie that came down to a tie breaker. Overall it was a great game and we had tons of fun. I want to specifically give thanks to +john garibotti  for letting us host our annual game at his store. We take up a ton of room and him and his staff are so accommodating.
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I will be moving to the Dayton area this summer and would love to start up a Board Game Design group. Let me know if you have any interest!

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I got in a game night at the Great Lakes Game Emporium this weekend. Paul started off by showing off and teaching his copy of Whacky Wit. It is basically Pac-Man in a board game and was a nice bit of light fun.
Next off we played Among the stars with the Ambassadors expansion. We enjoyed it a lot and I was personally impressed with the strategies in it.
Lastly we played New Dawn, where we, despite our best intentions, ran afoul of some weird English in the rule book. It took us the entire game to iron out most of the issues and even later we found a few we missed on BGG. I'm not honestly sure how I feel about this one. I think I need to play it again with the correct rule set to be certain, however, I fear this may not be nearly as good as Among the Stars. I will, however, play it again with the corrected rules before deciding whether to cull it from the collection or not.
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Friday night I was over at +Mark Malnar house and we got in a game of Castles of Burgundy, followed by a game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I had been wanting to play Castles of Burgundy for some time and, although I lost it did not disappoint. It was a solid game and I look forward to playing it more in the future. Castles of Mad King Ludwig was fun, but nearly as compelling. Having said that it was a great evening of gaming as a lead up to #tabletopday .
On #tabletopday itself I started out at noon by demoing games at Barnes & Noble in Mentor, OH. This year I demoed Camel Up, Jamaica, Ticket to Ride, Sheriff of Nottingham, Sushi Go!, & Say Anything.
My lady, +Susanna Parish,  was kind enough to help me in the game explanations. We were there deoming games until 4 PM. During the first two hours things were a bit slow, but in the last two hours it picked up and there was lots of interest and some game sales to people who hadn't been introduced to hobby games before. Barnes & Noble was very helpful here and I am really happy they let us do this again this year.
After I was done there I headed over to the Great Lakes Game Emporium and +john garibotti, owner of the store was nice enough to get out another table as all the current tables were filled with gamers. +Ken Grazier, who had been teaching games up until then,  had to leave, but he left a batch of new gamers in my care.
I broke the ice by introducing them to Ca$h N' Guns. They liked it so much we played a second round of it. After that we got in a game of Jamaica. It started out slow, because they had trouble figuring things out initially, however, once they figured it out the game sped up nicely. After that they wanted something different so we played a game of Flash Point: Fire Rescue, which went badly but was lots of fun.
They asked for a game for some level of bluffing that wasn't Sheriff of Nottingham, so I introduced them to Dread Curse. It was received well, but after that they were pretty much out of time.
After they left I looked around and realized there were still other gamers playing, but none at my table. I decided it was time to drop a bait game on the table so I pulled out Colt Express and soon had a full game of it going as we shot each other and tried to rob the train. It was tons of fun and everyone was laughing.
Once that was over some other had to leave, but a couple wanted to play Sentinels of the Multiverse, so we pulled that out and got in a great game of it, which as always, was tons of fun.
Overall, between demoing and playing games it was about 15 hours of gaming related stuff, so yes, it was a good #tabletopday .
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