Post has attachment The Emerzia Emergency telephone broadcasting system can make millions of calls in a few hours making it a versatile and effective way of notifying people about emergency situations.

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I have a suggestion ot add destination manipulation module into webface administration. For my setup I had to edit /usr/share/cdr_stats/cdr/ to somehow match my asterisk outbound route dial patterns, otherwise all these extra or missing codes butt in and break country detection. So something analogous to asterisk dial patterns would be really helpful here. In my case it looks like this - BTW I also disabled "local_dialcode" stuff to make my extra code consistent by setting PN_MIN_DIGITS and PN_MAX_DIGITS to 4 (city calls start with 7 digits and local are 3 digits). 

Great tool!
Can it do analytics by carrier or city or prefix? Couldn't find this in my install, need it so much, so far I can see only country-based analytics.

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I love the CDR-Stats interface. Keep it up

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CDR-Stats version 2 Stable released after a long period of development and testing.

CDR-Stats is a multi-tenant call data analysis and reporting system with live statistics and threat reporting. This latest version has been rebuilt to be scalable, handle millions of CDR and provide reports and searches quickly and efficiently.

CDR-Stats may be considered for:
- Telcos to analyse their own CDR
- Displaying call data to their customers
- Centralising call data from multiple PBX’s
- Department heads to view their subordinate’s calls
- Detecting & reporting suspicious call patterns

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We released CDR-Stats V2.0.0RC1 today that includes many more improvements and bug fixes, many of them as a result of your feedback and testing, so we thank you for that.

New features include :
- Refactoring and improving test cases
- New diagnostic view : Check the configuration is correct
- Update documentation :
- Support of Manual Asterisk CSV import from the admin login
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