~Harry Potter Roleplay rules~

1. Keep it to a NON-DISCRIPTIVE snog, please
2. If you're going to have a qudditch place of a seek, remember that you must contain 3 rules why you want it and why you would be good at
3. During duels, you may only doge your opponent 5 times, and after you have, you must get hit 6 more times, and then you regain your 5 doges.
4. No going in different dorms/house lounges
5. No going in the forbidden forest
6. Take the required classes
7. If you break any of the rules, I, who is playing Dumbledore, will result in your punishment
8. You may only have 1 pet
9. Be on time to classes
10. You must follow your schedules
11. you may not use your wands out of hogwarts unless if you are year 7
12. You may have a werewolf, vampire,  ghost, and or animagus as a character
13. There are only 5 animaguses allowed
14.  3 werewolves allowed, 5 vampires, and 10 ghosts
15. the roleplay isn't all about you
16. do not use the forbidden curses
17. Yes, you may be a canon character, you have to ask ME, and give me 5-10 reasons why you would be good at the role, and if you act NOTHING like them your role will be taken from you
18. No extremely shy characters, and no stuttering unless your character has a problem xD
19. no killing each other
20. no overpowered characters

~Steven Universe Roleplay Rules~

1. You may have either a power or a weapon,  but if you are fusing and for example; you have a weapon, and your partner has a power, you may have both.
2. You cannot fuse with a gem with in the same place
3. Only fuse when your partner(s) are willing to.
4. No marysues, you must be accepted
5. No mini-gemming (when your gem is very similar to a canon gem)
6. Ask ME to be a canon character
7. Please have at least ONE human to keep the roleplay livley
8. No making up foreign gem places, or refugees,.
9. The roleplay isn't all about you
10. No weapons over 1 no powers over 1
11. Your gem may NOT be a fusion itself, you must be a fuse with someone else.
12. No "woe is me! I'm from the kindergarden! No one likes me!" gems
13. No overly shy gems, it's very annoying, along with the stuttering.
14. No Lapis-like gems
15. Please state why your gem is like that
16. No Rose-Quartz gems
17. I am only accepting 5 half-gems
18. If you want a canon character, please ask me, and you must give me 5-10 reasons why you want the role, and why you would be good at it.
19.For the canon roles, if you cannot act like the gem/character, your role will be taken from you
20. For canon gems, when you state why you want it, no "she's so cute, and she's like my favorite!" please put thought into your form, or you will be skipped and not be considered.
21. You may only have up to 3 canon characters, and as many gemsonas/OCS you can handle
22. If I spot that you are leaving out one of your sonas/OCS, you will be warned, and if you don't do that, your gemsona that you aren't using will be scrapped.
23. Please don't get off topic
24. No power-playing
25. Please don't be like "I'm so quirky it's cute." it's annoying.
26. If you read these rules, contain the words "lasper is bae" in your form

~General Roleplay Rules~

We are very strict with out rules, if you do not follow them, you may be kicked out from the Roleplay center.

1 warning= no punishment
2 warnings= ban for 5 hours
3 warnings= ban for 24 hours
4 warnings= ban for 5 days
5 warnings= ban for 1 week
6 warnings= ban for 2 weeks
7 warnings= ban for 1 month
8 warnings= ban for 3 months
9 warnings= ban for 1 year
10 warnings= ban forever

1. Gore and sexuals are NOT allowed, thank you c:
2. Cussing is limited
4. Before you start roleplaying, your character must be accepted by staff member
5. You most post at least 3 sentences
6. Grammar is required.
7. Keep your roleplays appropriate
8. Make sure discussion doesn't include off topic stuff
9. No mini-modding
10.  Your roleplay doesn't have to be serious, you know, it can be funny.
11. You may only do OP roleplay if your partner(s) is/are okay with it
12. You must read announcements
13. Please suggest, if you'd like!
14. If you are breaking any rules, WE WILL FIND YOU... (dun dun dun)
15. Have fun, ya dirty animals!
16. If you read these rules, please contain the words "rules suck but all need them"
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