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Hey Haiku Deck for EDU community! Exciting news from Haiku Deck HQ today. Last week we released some great new features on Haiku Deck for Web and offering a special promotion!
1) New profile pages: This is your customizable home on Haiku Deck- a place where you can send your audience to see all of your publicly shared decks. Claim your haiku deck handle today! (see illustrated example below)
2) New editable .pptx export: That's right. Export your decks, make changes to text after the export. This is a huge feature request that we've been working hard to deliver.
3) New crop/move/zoom functionality for images that you upload.=
4) New share to Google Classroom: For students and teachers using Google's fast-growing education platform, you can now share decks to Google Classroom from the playback page and from the editor share dialog.
To celebrate the release, we're offering users a limited-time 15% promotional discount on a 1 year Haiku Deck Pro subscription made via (use promo code: PIKE15). Though your subscription will work across web and iPad, the promo code only works on the web.
As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions!

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"Teaching is solving the mysteries of human motivation, hope, fear, and doubt. Every day. For every child." -Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year

Click here to see more motivating quotes from Jeff Charboneau:

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5 Steps To Educator Professional Development, by Blake Wile

1. Identifying the citizen outcomes (competencies) intended from the education system.
2. Answering hard questions about competencies & new practices with peer-reviewed research.
3. Providing resources, funding, materials, technology, formative feedback, and evidence.
4. What depth of knowledge and skill is required to "fit" supported practices with local contexts?
5. What variety of professional learning activities will grow the "depth to fit" knowledge and skills?

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An excellent way of displaying concepts in math. Check out this deck from Torey Clinton on the right triangle and trigonometry. 

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A great Haiku Deck on the basics of a flipped classroom by Carlos Fernandez presented at EdCamp Orlando. 

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"Education is a human process..."

Check out more highlights from EduTech Brisbane 2013 here:

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Another great example of student work from +Patrick Johnson's students -- check out their deck on anacondas and their illustrations drawn by hand! 

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Great way to use Haiku Deck for professional development.

"Using Haiku Deck inside iMovie to make PD on SAMR for staff back at school, during digital sandpit time #ipadtoolbox" -Anthony Head

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Hummingbird Facts 

We first fell in love with +Patrick Johnson's 1st and 2nd grade students through this Haiku Deck showcasing the things they learned about hummingbirds, and they've been creating awesome Haiku Decks since then -- check it out!

If you have any awesome student created decks that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to see them! 

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Thinking about integrating #chromebooks  in the classroom? Check out this helpful Haiku Deck by Heidi Gascon featuring some of it's benefits. 

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