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Dear Community Members

This poll will decide the fate for this entire community but before I go any further onto that I will explain why I am doing this.

As you all know this community has basically died even for having 423 members which is a lot don't get me wrong but the problem here is that it died and most members are either busy outside of google plus or they just don't make an account so this poll will decide the fate of even those people who don't vote so I hope you all read this now on to more pressing matters.

This poll will be open for 48 hours a total of 2 days no more no less after those 48 hours are up there is to be no more voting and those votes after 2 days will not be counted at all and will be ignored and for those who don't vote well I'll let you all figure out what I mean by that I will have a lot of work ahead of me depending on the choice that gets the highest number of votes but don't pick one because you think everyone is picking it choose the one you think would be the best fate for this community and with that I will leave it up to all of you and if this gets no votes then I get to choose the fate of this community.

The 48 hours start now you have 2 days until 8:15 PM Mountain Time.
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Leave community as it is
Change it for the better
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Who wants to rp? I have a plot and I will pp it to you if you just want to read it

Is this community active?? I wanna rp.

Hello, I'll make a character later

You have all decided to change this community for the better now I need help of those people who voted to help me change up this community and delete posts to start all over again

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(Y/N) was the richest kid in school, but he never acted like all the other rich kids. His birthday was always something special. (Y/N's) parents always threw something big for him. Last time, it was a puppy and a big party. He wasn't expecting what came this time. A young, beautiful neko girl, who had the perfect looks. She had red hair and blue eyes. She had an hourglass shape and her ears were pitch black. Her pupils looked like a cat's. She had a collar on and a leash hooked to it. She walked toward (Y/N)
(Y/N): what's your name? he knelt down to her
Neko girl (drhiti): Drhiti

[] only boys [] she is a slave, so anything can happen [] you will eventually learn that she is a demon
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Haha you think you'll live well lets see how well you last against me hehe
Name: Feras
Nickname: Pure Murder
Age: unknown
Species: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: None
Mate: None
Vehicle: None 
Appearence: (Its ok if you use a picture) 
Hair Color: She has two different types of hair color which is black when she goes into her psycho mode and then her hair turns back into her normal hair when she isn't in her psycho mode.
Skin Tone: When she goes psycho her skin turns pure white and her eyes turns blood red when she isn't in psycho her skin is peach colored
Build: Normal 
Weapon: She doesn't have any weapons
Power: She can enhance her physical strength so much she can kill a person just by punching someone and she can also warp around really quick
Power Limitation: Her psycho mode can only use the powers.
Likes: None
Dislikes: None
Bio: Her past is unknown because when she had turned into a psycho but was able to turn back all her memories were gone
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(Y/N) had witnessed his girlfriend's death about a month ago. He tried to not fall into greif and drink, but failed. He walked into a bar and got a drink. Drhiti was on the other end of the bar. She was in her human form, waiting for a soul worth making a contract with

Feras is walking on the sidewalk in her normal clothes and her hair is her normal hair as well and she is going to the grocery store to pick up some groceries to take home when you notice her and notice something is off about so you decide to
(Open RP)

Who wants to do a somewhat of a story line plot because I'm going to make a character who is going to be absolutely crazy and murders most people without remorse
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