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Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Young Living Essential Oil Samples, Panaway Essentail Oil, Essentail oils, Young Living Essentail oils, Sample, Supplies, Oils, Pain Relief #panaway #painessentialoils #painsalvesupplies #youngliving #essentialoil

I’m wanting to get into making bath bombs and other types or product, I found a local supplier that sells citric acid for wine and other stuff, my question is, is all citric acid created equal, meaning if I go on amazon it states food grade non gmo, I don’t know the specs for the other one yet. Hopefully someone can clarify for me

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Our Labeling machine

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Jiangxi Iris Chemical Co.,Ltd ---- Body Care Skin Care Bath Gift Set
16*400ml Fruit Bottle Liquid Hand Soap in One PDQ
Fresh Strawberry Lemon Apple Pear
Fruit Shape Bottle Hand Soap --- IRIS Patent
More Information Please Visit Our Website :

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150g bath bombs with dried flower/mixed color $0.52/piece MOQ 5000 piece
More information please check our website :
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Vanilla Bath Bomb

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Gorgeous handmade bath bombs 😃
#bathmoments #bathbombs #metime
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The kids are addicted to these ! Bubble bombs anyone ?
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