where is my beloved Miku I miss her dearly

Luciano vargas
Weapon:Knives,fists,and daggers
Personality:Can be harsh,can be sweet,can be creepy.
Favorite food:Pasta with "Special" sauce
favorite drink:Red wine
Appearance:((it wont let me add a photo so its just like in my photo))

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suigintou testes out her new claw with this the princess will be safe

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Reika Aikatsu
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: Female
Arms: Sword, bow, arrows, and a knife.
Favorite food: Chicken, steak, pocky and oranges.
Favorite drink: Milk (any), water, and sometimes a soda.
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Sat on my throne awaiting for my dear +Miku Hatsune to accompany me

walking around  the I see an enmynyme hay sound the alarm we have an intruder wake the princess hay you hult  I draw my gun and start shouting what ahhhh thud 

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Name: Alaster Hellsing
gender: male
age: 17
Personality: can be romantic is sometimes a hardass
favorite food: doesnt know
favorite drink: doesnt know
appearance: shown in pic))
weapons or fighting style: he fights randomly
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Princess miku will you date me

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name: suigintou
age: 21
speices: angel
weapon: bow and arrow
ability: changing my form as a form of confusion
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