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The Cross faction #IngressXmas #Canterbury #Reindeer Sit Rep

+Ingress +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller   +Joe Philley +Klue S. +Kira Kroger +Niantic Project +NIA Ops 

It started with the idea and then organisation of a Cross Faction Christmas Meal in Canterbury.  This seemed too good an opportunity to pass up for some cross faction field art within Canterbury City with many supporters for the idea.
Plotting the portals on a map gave a good dot to dot version of what looked like a Reindeer. Drawing the image soon confirmed the idea! A drawing was put forward to the group, confirmation of eligible portals from local players, and that was it- the challenge was on! An original portal/ linking/ field guide document was submitted, then revised and finalised for the big day!

Then the big day! Agents flocked together, messages and invites sent out on comms to other active agents in the area to let them know what was planned. The Christmas Meal was great! A brilliant atmosphere and chance for everyone to say hi to their fellow and opposite players and put faces to names! +Charlotte Samuels had done a great job of organising the venue, menus and bringing together of all agents attending. +Dom Armstrong set the Ingress Quiz challenge for all to try out too!

So after consumption of food (and good beer) the reindeer was next! The plan had 3 resistance teams allocated to form the antlers, rear and front legs. The enlightened agents formed 2 teams to form the head and shoulders, and the body. Then to work they went- portals rapidly populated as needed! The front legs and head teams got to work quickly with creating the first fields. The Body and Antlers followed soon after once their farther destinations were reached. 

Agents with young children had to leave midway but carried on guiding and encouraging agents as the reindeer took shape. And then it gradually came together. Legs, Head, Antlers, Body complete- agents slowly sought collective refuge from the cold within a pub. Then finally the Rear legs complete. 
So with the intention of:
Portals Links Fields
Resistance 57 107 54
Enlightened 43 106 61

There he was- the Canterbury Cross Faction Ingress Reindeer! Ready and waiting to greet Santa Claus to Kent, England for Christmas 

A Great collaborative effort from all agents!
CharMelsBells +Charlotte Samuels (Event organisation)
barbaricbarb +Barbara Weekes (Artwork design and planning)
hanspan +Hannah Greer
tris2468 +Tris Linnell
Dombledore +Dom Armstrong
GreenTitanium +John Hitchcock
TheOneTrueRed +Red Morris
PheonixHeart  +Oliver Goldfinch
Ingefara +David Thomas
CharMelsBells +Charlotte Samuels
SgtWilko +Ian Wilkinson
MrsWilko +Kirsty Wilkinson
Mooseofdestiny +S Attanapola
ubique1134 +Bill Morris
Aidulac  Claudia
squall23 +Chris Tubridy-Hill
themightybob +Bob 
Barbaricbarb +Barbara Weekes
armlessAndy +Andrew Weekes
ironkiller2475 +Lewis Weekes
theAirstiker   Matthew Weekes
Eldstrom +Dustin Tinklin
Also at meal: 
+ David Farrell Shaolinmonkey Mobileminxy bobbyb
Remote Intel Team:
J55z +Jon Atkins Mexx +Martin Ellis
Cross-Faction Christmas Lunch - Canty
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