Hi! So I've been running an off and on campaign for several months now based on Curriculum of Conspiracy (Monsters and Other Childish Things). My problem is that all of my players have created monsters with generous helpings of Wicked Fast, and thus they strike first and have generally just destroyed any enemies I send their way almost immediately... Have any of you dealt with this or do you have any solutions in mind other than ramping up the entire campaign?

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Just in time for Christmas. I give you the Twelfth Game of Christmas,

Wild Talents


Question about the "Foxhunt" scenario from Gygax magazine. One talent has a flamethrower talent with 1wd. Is that a typo? How can he have a dicepool of only 1 die?

So, I've been contemplating running a "traditional" fantasy game using Reign/ORE. Any suggestions for what can can be added/removed from the base rules? Any suggestions for how to handle magic? I haven't really dug into the rules yet, but I am looking for some advice on how to proceed to save some headaches.

Need Help w/ 1-on-1 Game w/ Fiancé!!

Ok, so I've recently decided I dislike trying to run games online and to supplement the single campaign (of Numenera) that I run with friends, I have gotten my fiancé's blessing to run a game just for her. Of the options I presented, she was most interested in Monsters and Other Childish Things. I have all four books (M&OCT:Completely Monstrous Edition, Bigger Bads, Curriculum of Conspiracy, and Deadly Secrets of Candlewick Manor) but she definitely wants to be a kid with a monster, not a monstrous kid, so DSoCM is out.

Here's where my problem is. I really love the premise of the game, but I struggle coming up with story ideas for it. I've perused through CoC and the stories definitely seemed more geared/balanced towards a group.

The other problem is my fiancé is still relatively new to rpgs and is much more reactive than proactive and needs to be pushed along rather than trusting that she'll pursue story leads on her own.

Any help would be appreciated.

Any update on the release of Ninth Legion? I just picked up Reign, and am getting my gaming crew together for a new campaign, and this looks really cool. Is there a projected release date for the PDF on DriveThruRPG?

I got very excited about using the One Roll Engine as a universal system, then saw the very complex looking character write-ups in the Kerberos Club for fairly low powered heroes.

1) is character creation as tremendously crazy complex as it looks from the writeup?

2) as a GM, I'll need to make all sorts of antagonists. Since there isn't a Wild Talents bestiary, how do you manage to make antagonists in a reasonable amount of time?


Has anyone come up with a house rule to make combat a bit less lethal?

I'm confused as to how movement happens in combat. I know that if you sprint, all-out, there's a roll (Body + Athletics, maybe?), and that would determine when your movement happens. But WT2nd says that movement less than half this maximum doesn't require a roll.

So how do you handle that? Does it have to combine with another action? And if so, what's to keep me from just making up an action from my best Stat + Skill combo to say that I'll use, just so I can move first.

I thought about just saying that movement would be an action in-and-of-itself, but you still need some kind of roll to determine WHEN it happens.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi. I've recently become super excited about the One Roll Engine and have purchased Reign, Wild Talents, Nemesis (that one may have been free), and a couple of the Wild Talents source-books.

1. does anyone have good 2 page pdf sheet for Wild Talents?

2. is there a way to stat up antagonists / creatures without going through the same work you do to create a full-on character?

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