I've been playing the DC Legends mobile game lately. Some of the characters have an ability named "Call Assist".
They make an attack and then someone else on their team makes a second followup attack. This followup attack is outside the normal attacks for the round.

How would you make it in Wild Talents?
Have it be an attack quality that uses your die roll but the teams attack power?
Have them make their own roll?

I'm a bit muddled in this. Anyone have some ideas?


Power: Time Stop
You can can stop time equal to the width of the die roll. You get width number of actions before time starts up again.

Does this seem ok?
I know stopping time can be really powerful but I put a limit on it to help that.

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Demo of using the ORE app creating Darth Vader as a Wild Talents character.


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Finally had some spare time this weekend and added image uploads and editing to the ORE app. I'm going to do a short "how-to" video shortly. Any challenges for characters to put together in Wild Talents?

ORE Open Roster
ORE Open Roster

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Made some updates to the user interface for the app today. Getting ready for character images. Considering images for powers too...

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Question: I'm adding flexible skills to the app (because Kerberos Club is awesome) and I'm not sure the best way to set it up.

Basic skills in Wild Talents are 2pts/die. Hyper-Skills are 1pt/die.

Kerboros Club gives skills ratings in Broad, Flexible and Influencial. Skills without any of these are Narrow skills and do just one thing.

Each of Broad, Flexible and Influential adds +1pt/die to the skill.

What I've done is to make basic skills in Wild Talents = Broad skills. This works for pretty much all of them except Drive, Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, etc.

When a player makes a new skill, they can choose options of Free (because maybe?), Narrow (which drops the cost to 1pt/die), Flexible and Influential (which add costs as above).

Does this make sense? Is it better to stick with pure Wild Talents without the additional flexibility?

The other option is to make Broad an option, switch all default WT skills to Broad and just drop the Narrow option.

I'd love to get folk's thoughts. Thanks!

Here's an example: https://ore-roller.herokuapp.com/view_character/45

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Modelled Henry "Wraith" Francis from the #WildTalents Essential Edition in the One Roll Engine app. Everything seems to be working fine!


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I completed a big update the ORE App today.

New features:
* User registration & login with encrypted sessions and passwords
* Ability to have private repositories for characters, but also to export characters to an Open Roster and export created or character powers to an Open Archive
* Ability to add characters from the Open Roster to a users's personal roster and edit them to taste
* Ability to add powers from the Open Archive to characters and edit to taste
* Updates to user interface
* Lots of back-end fixes.



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REIGN is coming back!

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A bunch more tweaks. The Powers Archive is now much more functional. People can modify, update and delete powers freely. Creating powers for the first time still needs to be done from inside a Character.

There is also a good list of powers and characters going so far.

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