Ok at first I did not like the updates for the windows phone but now it's not so bad. Glad I didn't uninstall windows10 lol

i am trying to install android apps on lumia 640 xl but i cant could you help this issue

Updated my lumia640xl to Windows 10 biggest mistake. Don't like it at all wanna uninstall it lol

Hello, I have a problem with reboots(restarts) with Lumia 640 xl lte windows 10.
Do you know somebody how to fix? Thanks

Got the Lumia 640xl and it's a bad ass phone so far and just what I needed for work as well

Just ordered 640xl and I can't wait for it to get here. Had iPhone and android but for some reason I'm a huge fan of lumia. Time to retire my windows 920 lol

I bought a 640 XL should I upgrade to Windows 10, is it actually better than 8.1?

Does everyone in this community enjoy this Windows phone? I have enjoyed it after owning the 635.

Also, anyone know when our phones get WP 10, and is it worth it?
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