Hello there! Could you please explain how the event management can be done through NFC wristbands? How we can connect data directly to excel while considering Access control? Any desktop Apps?

Example: I saved a name and email ID in the tag and distributed to 500 members. While these people entering into event, how we can match data?

Thank You! 


Back in 2013, we purchased the "Complete NFC Kit With: Reader/writer, Programmable 25 NFC Tags and NFC Mac Software"...this will probably be a silly question, but I have to ask anyway since I am really not a techy. I would like to be able to use my reader/writer on another computer. Is it possible for me to just buy new software and load it on my computer or do I have to buy a whole new reader/writer kit? Please advise. THANKS!

Hi using tagstand protected i have written a nfc tag. Now how can i ease the same tag which is protected.

I want to set up a trigger when i connect to some wifi ssids, my phone will be silient.

But i wonder how can i input several ssids together, i tried ssid1/ssid2/ssid3 and ssid1,ssid2,ssid3, all failed....

Greetings, I own a company who distribute products World Wide and I need a tag that can trigger an alarm just in case if  any product goes away 5 or 10 feet from my cellular, it is not a lost or stolen or a GPS it is just like a very small Geo fence from the tag to my cell, is this possible to do or create? 

Will Tasker grant me permission to launch a task via Trigger if I threaten it with unspeakable violence?

I received an envelope from Tagstand yesterday and noticed the adhesive on the seal was worn down and a corner was folded out. No tape was holding it closed or anything. Nothing was inside. Please advise how you wish to handle this.

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I have purchased Tadstand NTAG213 Stickers.  What application do I download to my smart phone to use the stickers or do i need to purchase something else?

I'm trying to run a task with the Notification trigger, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I have the task also set on a manual trigger, and when I run it that way it works no problem. I have tried both options for containing or matching the notification, making sure my spelling was all correct.

When the intended notification happens, nothing happens.
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