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Welcome to my new Community Were you can post sightings videos and more! If you don't believe in Herobrine I ask you please to leave if you post non topic items will be deleted,┬áplease don't ask me to be moderator I let people be moderator if they work hard and truly deserve it. HAVE FUN!´╗┐

Sighting Update:June 23rd 2017
Platform: Ps4
Me and my friends today were playing in my world and we went into a cave and it was a gold mine not 100% gold but we found a lot of ores. Strange things happened when we cleared a area from mobs creepers spawned from behind us and fell from the ceiling we later go deeper into the cave we were feeling so lucky then I died in lava that was on me when I only had one block to jump on. I later return to my buddies but I see our little wood bridge to get out was gone and then another friend dies in lava and the latter we used to get out was gone. My last friend died both of them got mad and left my world.

any sightings latly

i found him!!!!

So, I was in a world on Xbox 360, and then I put it in offline mode, but It still said someone was in my world in the select menu. I tried teleporting to the blank players name but I teleported 250 blocks down from the spawn point. I don't know if this was a glitch from my friend leaving my world or what. What do you think?

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