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😘😘😘😘😘😘 CutièiÉ.....😘😘😘😘😘😘

When the sun sets down
It’s you who flows in my tears
When I stand alone in the crowd
It’s you who speaks into my ears
When I look at the distance between us
It’s you who is the closest to me
My life has turned into a fuss
After all it’s been about a year since these fools have met
We have shared all moments, those turned into memories
Those class bunks half a year are my treasury
That half a year full of punishments going on
And the remaining days had cries bang on
The troubles, tension, problems and difficulties- we faced them all
Your chocolates, attitude, kisses, hugs are mine and your missed calls
And I will never forget that 1 hour morning and afternoon school bus
Returning back home with our non-vegetarian talks

To my friends:
I miss that life of mine
Our friendship bond that makes today to pretend to be fine
What I miss is that togetherness of ours
Not any one of you fools
It’s just those strong feelings
This makes me to feel you guys around me

Don’t be scenty guys, so for that:
SMILE – A day, Every day, Forever…….
In the loving memories of MODERNITES…..

here i present a community for the students of mps,bhiwadi
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