Hey thanks for letting me join

My mom just pisses me off UGH.....

my mom looked at pictures of bvb and said they were disgusting and she doesn't realize that guys wITH MAKEUP ARE HOT OK

i'm afraid to dress up like i want to, i'm afraid to change my hair, look like i'm into bands, you know that kind of look? it's what i want to look like and be me, but i don't want others to judge me, like at my church on our casual days, i'm afraid of judgement, most of the people thee judge everyone :(

I'm like "OH! I HAVE A MEMBER!! WHO IS IT?! (I'm not a stalker I just made this and I was surprised how fast I got a member)..............Oh....it's me......." Face palm

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I know this is pretty much the same thing as the encouraging one, but this one can be more personal one if u want :)

Please....no one start singing let it go from frozen....I know...I have that song stuck in my head after making the title...XD
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