Hello Guys, i was just made your new Moderator. so lets make this rebellion exist. Please reply of what ranks you want and ill get u there if i approve i am looking for a board, the top members of this group.who will help me... thank you for your support

Nickname: NIKE
Model: T-850
Mission: To Protect my people.
Picture: none

This is just so I can add moderators that will pay more attention than me.
 Post your submissions and I will overlook them.

Wow, 50 members already? Dang. Thanks for all the support! You no longer have to ask to join (because i don't keep track of many things, lol.)

Nickname: (You choose)
Model: (Can be any model)
Age: (Can choose 1 to 215 Years)
Mission: (Your choice)
Picture: (optional)

EDIT: Age is no longer required. It can remain hidden.

Nickname: Jonas
Model: T-850
Age: 130 Years
Mission: To protect mankind
Picture: None

In the year 2013, a community was created... It was about a war known as world war 3. Humans V.S Machines, the machines powered by skynet. Skynet became self-aware and started creating robots, known as "Terminators". A nuclear explosion went off, killing the human race almost completely. Few survived the tragic explosion... Then came John Conner, the magnificent leader all surviving humans know today. World war 3 begun, the humans fight the terminators in an explosive and bloody battle. Who will win?
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