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People! No random posts! This is a roleplay assassin roleplay community! Make a profile and play nice (by play nice I mean stab each other)

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Name: Wolf
Nickname: Wolfie
Age: 20-25
Height: 6'6"
Gender: male
Species: Hell Hound-Human hybrid
Power: enhanced strength and healing rate, magic
Weapons: long blue "Protectorate" sword, "Tesla's Wrath" (images below)
Attitude: calm and accepting, likes talking, never relentless unless provoked
Likes: good people and music
Dislikes: people with an attitude (if you know what i mean by this)
Appearance: blackened fur, crimson red eyes, reddened teeth (because of the blood in his body)

Bio: Wolf was a once well lived human, who eventually went insane, and shot himself in the head, leaving the human body to rot in the woods, he then came from hell as a Hell Hound, one of the most dreaded wolves in the galaxy (the Ancients the most feared). He found an old friend, who allowed him to become a hybrid, and ended up having two hearts because of the process, but this enhances his ability to heal and not run out of energy so quickly, his eye sight is a lot better than any human's or wolf's, his weapons were forged in the alberia dimension, made from a metal called durasteel, one of the strongest (our equivalent being earth's "strongest metal") metals in the known multiverse.

Genetics to be aware of: His blood can actually be quite dangerous, it's acidic and heated, burns through steel, boils on direct contact with water or any cooler objects, his strength is enough for one full powered punch to go through a human chest, the eyes have usually a deadly look about them.
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Title: USS Valkyrie
Setting: midday
Location: harbor near school
Status: open for all
Aito had just come back from a long voyage at sea, coming back home on his flagship, the USS Valkyrie, a massive aircraft carrier. He was in complete command of the 501st carrier battle group, 20 ships in all. He stood on the flight deck of the Valkyrie, watching as the city past them by on their way to dock at the harbor. Crew members and aircrews lined the decks of their ships, some occasionally waving to people on the shore.

Admiral, we are two klicks from the harbor. We will be docking soon. Aito's second in command sad to him, walking up beside Aito. Aito nodded, watching as the Harbor came into view.
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Kin stood in the training grounds with a kunai knife ready for combat hmm this training ground is small and shabby compared to mine when i was a child (open rp)

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I walk around the street until I reach a house a few minutes later I'm chasing after someone who ran from the house I catch up and hold a knife to there throat you then....

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Quotes: "I don't kill for the money. It's the entertainment of seeing someone suffer,crying out pathetically as they weep and slowly fade into the darkness"

Name: Sapphire "Rosa" Tolski

Assassin name: The Blue Gem

Age: 18 but looks 16

Relatives: Names unknown however they are a group of Assassins,rumored to be Royal.

Species: As a child she was human but it is said that she was possessed at a young age however she only shows it during the sight of death or pain.

Special abilities: Sapphire is able to speak a number of languages..after all it's all part of the job.

Personality: Seems innocent but would kill for her love. She can be cold and dead when she wants but cheerful and happy around her victims.

Likes: Chocolate,cake,daggers. She rarely uses a gun as it's more fun to stab them over and over and over-

Dislikes: Plums. She hates them. The very sight of them makes her want to throw up.

Weapons: Dagger,sometimes a gun.

Backstory: Not much is known,only her clients know it but only small parts. It's said she is from a Royal family which perished a few years ago due to the king being caught testing his inventions on children.
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Izumi is sitting on the park bench thinking about life when i see you walking
(Rp open) +Baked potato

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Likes: His rifle, girls, pork chops
Dislikes: the enemy, fish, RPGs
Crush: no one
Bio: a guy from California, he is in the army reserves but still a Sgt in rank
Decided to do some good off duty so he came here 

Hi guys! I just joined a community!
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