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FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations maintains global records of food production (in calories) and food consumed (also in calories). Take any time frame since 1950, and follow the two lines of food production and food consumption, and you will see a very disturbing trend line--calories needed for each human inhabitant on Planet Earth to survive and calories produced globally are moving, without doubt, closer and closer together.  Unless there is a major global catastrophe, which takes out a billions of people, or there is a dramatic change in politics in which governments worldwide actually support and promote agriculture, or unless science finds a way to help farmers more than double their current yield per acre on all major food crops, within the next 20-30 years people will be starving to death.  This starvation won't be as is commonly a serious problem--one of global logistics. This food problem will be for the first time in the history of Planet Earth a lack of enough calories to sustain life for all of our world's inhabitants.

I'm praying and as confident as I can be that there won't be another global event, World War II for example, that takes out hundreds of millions of people or a global health disaster that takes out billions of people.

I have no confidence in our government are governments of any of the major world food producers to change the politics that literally restrain, rather than help farmers feed the world.

Science has to be the answer, but there are problems there, too.  I hope you will follow me here and on Twitter: And, I hope you will give me 'food for thought' (pun intended) to communicate the dire need to increase food production here and around the world.
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