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West End Games D6 Star Wars returns to B&B!

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A while back there was a call out to the community for adventure starters. Has anyone collected any? There are bunches of Dungeon Starters for Dungeon World and Mysteries for Monster of the Week. I was hoping there would be something similar for Star Wars World.

The Streets of Mos Eisley has good stuff for sure. And I've thought that "converting" an old WEG D6 Adventure (like "Tatooine Manhunt") could be another way to go. But those "feel" a lot more railroady than I think a PbtA starter would be.

I've immediately been turned off by the shear volume of content and detail in the Fantasy Flight adventures I've found.

Of course there's always the Big List of RPG Plots ...

Stellar Scenarios
Do you have any recommendations for planet-hopping modules that could be mined for inspiration? I hope to give my players the sensation of being present in a vast galaxy, not tied to specific locales.

Also: since I'm sketching what may be a one-shot, I'm loosely building a Dungeon Starter[1].


I was skimming the playbooks and noticed that about half of them don't get to add +1 to Suave as an advance. Is there any reason it's generally harder to get Suave than any of the other stats (the only other stat advance that's ever "missing" seems to be +1 Deep for Scoundrel)?

Hi everyone, just a quick question. I'm not super clear about how ships are supposed to work. In the older version, some seemed like AW vehicles. In the most recent release, they seem more like squads.

Can anyone give me a quick run down about how they're supposed to work? Is a star destroyer supposed to have speed and maneuverability? Can ships take v-harm? Are the road war moves from AW used?

Any other comments would be appreciated.

I'm thinking about a small hack of Star Wars World to The Expanse.

Has anyone tried anything like this?

Is there a mechanic or move that handles reflecting blaster fire with a lightsaber? The closest I could find is the Guardian moves Dissipate Energy or Lightsaber Duelist. Otherwise it seems like there's no benefit to having a lightsaber over a vibro sword. I guess if more enemies had armor, then maybe that would be a bigger deal.

hey guys is their a link to the game from here

I'm not in love with the idea of taking harm for calling on the force, so I thought of an alternate house rule. However, I'm having trouble deciding what the "penalty" is for tapping into the dark side of the force. A hard move is a little too nebulous for me. I'd like players to see that it's the easy road, but not necessarily the best road. I came up with this.

"When you call on the force, roll+Deep. On a 10+, gain 3 force points. On a 7–9, gain 1 force point. If you call on the force in anger, guilt, fear, or intense passion, you instead take an additional force point even on a failure. However, opening yourself up to these feelings clears your experience track."


I’m a bit confused about how ships work in Omega (particularly in terms of harm). Is it the same as in Delta or am I missing something?
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