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Hi everyone, just a quick question. I'm not super clear about how ships are supposed to work. In the older version, some seemed like AW vehicles. In the most recent release, they seem more like squads.

Can anyone give me a quick run down about how they're supposed to work? Is a star destroyer supposed to have speed and maneuverability? Can ships take v-harm? Are the road war moves from AW used?

Any other comments would be appreciated.

I'm thinking about a small hack of Star Wars World to The Expanse.

Has anyone tried anything like this?

Is there a mechanic or move that handles reflecting blaster fire with a lightsaber? The closest I could find is the Guardian moves Dissipate Energy or Lightsaber Duelist. Otherwise it seems like there's no benefit to having a lightsaber over a vibro sword. I guess if more enemies had armor, then maybe that would be a bigger deal.

hey guys is their a link to the game from here

I'm not in love with the idea of taking harm for calling on the force, so I thought of an alternate house rule. However, I'm having trouble deciding what the "penalty" is for tapping into the dark side of the force. A hard move is a little too nebulous for me. I'd like players to see that it's the easy road, but not necessarily the best road. I came up with this.

"When you call on the force, roll+Deep. On a 10+, gain 3 force points. On a 7–9, gain 1 force point. If you call on the force in anger, guilt, fear, or intense passion, you instead take an additional force point even on a failure. However, opening yourself up to these feelings clears your experience track."


I’m a bit confused about how ships work in Omega (particularly in terms of harm). Is it the same as in Delta or am I missing something?


So I was thinking of running PBTA Star Wars. I thought this would be a good place to see if anyone is interested. Looks like I have a couple of friends who are interested so I'll be running it during our Sunday morning slot. 10am Est. Usually only a couple of hours so that the rest of the day is free.

After some debate I think I'm going to use Star Worlds the World of Dungeon hack.

I know it's a weird time but if anyone can make it, and is interested, we'd be happy to have you. Let me know. Thanks.

I feel like ships and ship handling could use a little more mechanical juice, given how much they're a part of Star Wars.

Based on my session last night, some thoughts...

I think ships should have a vitality/wounds track similar to characters. Superficial damage/critical damage with the 'shit got broke' moves triggering off the wounds analog.

A couple of ways I could see this working out...

Shields/Hull - this is a pretty good conceptual fit, and allows for some variance in ships with different ratios of shield defense to armor and structural integrity, and a couple of ways for gearheads to mess about with it during action scenes.

But it seems there's an obvious alternate way to conceptualize shields. Shields would equal Armor, and you'd do the damage split as plating/systems or something similar, and some ships would have AP and other stats on their weapons. Shields failing would be a go-to consequence or move.

Named ships would always have a custom move or two to define their particular character.

Part of me almost wants to do ship playbooks (or playsheets, more properly) which would include a little deckplan everyone scan scribble on and mark up, some stats, ship moves, conditions etc. I might give it a whirl, if I have some time this week. See what expanding SWW's tidier ship stuff might get me.

Can I get some more sets of eyes on something? I was making a hero ship for my group, and thought I'd throw in a custom move or two. Not sure I did this right.

Here's the C&P of it:

The Spike

Compared to many ships working the Reef, the Spike has had a short and uneventful history.

The vessel is a mostly stock Corellian YT-2400 light freighter, registered out of Port Rubon to Yankers General Haulage, itself an unremarkable small corporation, one among thousands.

The ship is of fairly recent manufacture, and to the untutored eye, in good condition.


A mechanic who knows their way around ships, or a slicer poking into the conspicuously clean history of the vessel will find something else.

The ship has been substantially rebuilt, and if you strip off enough deck plating you can find the welds that hold the superstructure together, and they are ugly . Similarly, the records search reveals several blind buyers, dodgy exchanges, and finally under it all a red flasher warning SALVAGE - the Spike started life as the Merry Traveler and on its first voyage was run into an asteroid, killing its crew, and leaving it adrift for eight years. It was found, salvaged, and rebuilt by a shady ship flipper using parts from three other wrecked YT series ships. A lot of attention was paid to the paint and the new ship smell. Not much was paid to getting the hyperdrive motivator from the YT-1300 to work properly with the navigation computer form the YT-450. The Spike looks nice, but mechanically it's on life support.

The only possible upside is that for some reason, the ship has transponder and ident codes for all its donor ships, and with a little tweaking, can present a messy drive signature, and codes indicating its one of a dozen different small civilian ships.

Space Transport - Small, 2-harm, +cargo, +hyperdrive

Custom Moves

When you violently manuever roll +Harm, on a hit the MC picks one of the following, an 10+ the MC picks 2. All conditions persist until repaired, unless otherwise noted.
> Something breaks, ship suffers 1 harm
> Cargo bay doors fail, and you lose something valuable
> Weapon system go offline
> Sensors go blind
> Life support goes down, the air starts getting stale
> Shields fail, +1 to all harm inflicted on shipd
> Hyperdrive breaks down
> Artificial Gravity flakes out erratically, making moving about inside treacherous
> Computer System Rests to factory default
> _The plumbing backs up
> provisions destroyed
> something explodes, and one character must act under pressure to avoid taking 1 harm
On a miss, nothing worse comes of it.

When you fly casual and try to pass as a different ship, roll +Cool. On a hit, you pass with no suspicion. On a 10+ pick one of the following.
> The ship they think you are is welcomed
> The ship they think you are is much more impressive than yours
> The ship they think you are is much less impressive than yours
On a miss, somebody suspects trickery
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