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Project Gulag - Soviet Inferno (The End of St. Petersburg)

Band: Project Gulag
Track: Soviet Inferno
Genre: Raw Black metal
Country: Italy

Track taken from the unreleased demo "Towards the Gates of Vorkuta" (2015)

Music written and composed by:
Osten (songwriting, guitars, synths and programming)
Sverkel (vocals and lyrics)


Cold, red , thorned , a sea of forgotten bones
Rusted, lost, truth , reemerge!
Surrounded and restrained by barbwired wings
These death angels all seem so human to me
But humans they're not , they're all empty inside
This world an inferno forever shall be
Dead, cold , pain , the snow is turning red
Dusty , old, hope, reemerge!
In the depths of the night silent we march , mindless and knowing no future
Layers of dirt cover our souls, this forest shall eat us like a tumor
They are like demons , dragging us to hell
This abominations shall swallow us all, soaking our blood and bones into this wretched soil
And with ravenous mouths shall they strip us of our identity , and the word freedom shall be tainted

We are looking for a promoter of our music.
Even if any label are interested to hire us, contact us to:
Eventually we'll send our demo in mp3 or wave format.

The video upon is a fragment of the movie "The End of St. Petersburg (Mosfilm 1927, URSS)" directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin.
The owner of the rights could contact me for removing the video.

Thanks to all our supporter!



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