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Perpetual Testing #42 "Portal trick shots: Presicion shooting"
By: anklejbiter
This weeks test chamber is something of a large three dimensional maze type structure,
multi dimensional if you take into account that we have a portal device to play with. Also i might have solved this one purely by chance?
Full Video ->

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Amel: is a profile of jobs for any personality construct on the list.

no, don't bother telling me who i'm with...i know.

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Amel: don't tell ANYONE

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Name: Remix The Husky 3.0

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Built in: 1999 (Factory)

Personally: happy, cute, friendly, brave, scared, shy, helpful and kind

Jobs: dance, sing and helping humans.

Serial number: ???

Likes: singing, dancing, helping, fixing, hugs and protecting humans and cores/robots. (Also Cake)

Dislikes: murder, paradox, dying humans and bots/cores, lonely, useless and evil robots.

She had a heart, a brain, lungs and the stomach with an full endoskeleton in her........ which is she is different than the other robots that doesn't have those like Remix does, she is a very lucky and happy robot
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Name: Amel

Built in: XXXX

Personally: normal

Jobs: Cleaning and maintaining testing materials

Serial number: 0183946113

Likes: chatting, maintenance, computer entertainment, and comedy

Dislikes: having to clean up after other cores, anything that can get him damaged, Wheatley (they were friends), and birds

was fixing a broken wall panel

Amel: these things just like falling off...I hate it

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