Name: Zed Necrodopolus
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Zombie (I'm a friend and don't eat brains)
Appearance: As in pic
Bio: Came from Sea Brook because Zombies were driven out and Zed lost Addison his human girlfriend to the wild zombies
Accessories: Z-band

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Wepon:crossbow and axe
2 teammates:none yet
Pets/siblings:wolf named midnight and horse named anna
Bio:was a normal girl untel the apocilips she also had some crossbow traning
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*isabel draws her crossbow and poins it at a zombie when u come up*

i try to fix up a house, bordes it up and puts-SAFE HOUSE in spray paint on the side i start to make crossbow bolts when u come

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Alex: is scavenging

Alex is scavenging OPEN RP

46 FOLLOWERS, thank you so much for everything guys. I would of never of guessed that this milestone wouldnt of came if there wasn't awesome people in the world like you guys. But once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support guys I love all of my friends whether your a G+ friend or a IRl friends I love all of yous so much

See you in the next post I make

Raven Parks ;)

((Rp closed to anyone but my teammates)) +Midori Gurin+El Aviles
*while walking into a old super market we see some zombies I pull out my sword and I am careful I don't smack the food with the sharp part of my sword*

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Name Alex
Age 20
Weapon snakewood sword and snakewood musket
Team ha don't need one
Gender male
Bio was born in farm land and started to use a sword when he was bored at age 17 he started to carve a sword and finished at age 19 his dad had an old family musket that was carved to look like a snake.
Nicknamed 9

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