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The Mix on Mixcloud. Please shar with your friends and enemies.
Summer Of JunkFooooood. Snippitts of feelgood music thats bad for you. You don't notice because your to busy dancing away the calories. BIG J U N K!

its 7/14 530 am horned up and looking to share some g

ok were are\ all the seattle guys hanging out 

Trucker couple from Texas, M55F53 need a room, garage, floor, anything. Fired from co. Just until we get jobs which won't be long. We have no family here or know anyone. Please help 

looks like T107 has my attention

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SEATTLE PNP! I NEED YOUR HELP! I am looking for a room to rent immediately. Although my roommate and I both wish I could stay in our current living arrangement, due to a silly technicality regarding me not being on the lease, the building manager has given me a notice to vacate immediately. Meanwhile, I just started a new full time job (9-5, Mon-Fri) in lower Queen Anne and the unfortunately will not be paid until next week, so place that requires little to no deposit would be a rare, but amazing find. I would like to stay in or around the $600-$700/month range. If you or anyone you know of is renting a room or mother in law suite or guest house or a living room or shed or a pup tent of any kind, please contact me!

as for me, I'm 31 year old gay male originally from San Diego, California. As a co-habitant I am easy going, i like to keep things clean and neat, i like to maintain an open dialogue with who ever i am sharing space with because communication is key to keeping everyone in the space happy. I am a crystal user but i feel that regardless of that, i can be trusted to do right and be responsible towards the people in my life and the responsibilities i take on. I am by no means a perfect person and certainly not the perfect roommate for everyone (i sing loudly, I am OCD, i like to wear minimal clothing around the house and i can be quite the ho) but i hope that somewhere out there in Seattle theres a place waiting for me.
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me 4

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Looking for hosting TOPS...

I got your psrty right here

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