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Here you can take care of your tiny sans! Only one person per sans, unless there having a play date (RP). Make sure you say who your caretaker is, they can interact to. You can also say me (venom winterfang) or +Blue Neko​ is the caretaker. TELL US FIRST please.
Example sans are:
-Blueberry sans (TAKEN)
-Horror sans (TAKEN)
-classic sans
-outer sans
-fell sans
-gaster sans
-ink sans
-error sans
Tell what sans you want!

Your caretaker can be you, just say it, or show a picture of your icon.

it was nap time at the daycare. I was hugging his pillow as he sleep. Made a bit of snoring. But many of the other monsters were all together. I slept all by myself

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Alright who should be the perfectly great caretaker of the deadly smol? XDD

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enters the daycare but something was wrong. Ink was wearing a cloak and refusing to talk to anyone. You enter the bathroom. You hear crying in one of the stalls. You open of the stall door quietly and peek through. The cloak laid on the floor. I was in the corner sobbing. There was a lot of wounds on me. Like I was in a fight. I curled up into a ball and keep crying

Death walks in smiling cutely with a pack of cookies

Death: hewwo everyone brought some cookies

Kid in background: ohh did you make those what you use souls?..

Death: NEVER SAID I MADE THEM WHY WOULD I TOUWCH A STOVE!?!? slammed toy scythe on ground seeming a bit mad

was definitelyy being a good kid hitting some small round orb with a staff causing it to hit a random Sans's sockets after something from a table looked broken XD DREEEAM

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Child Info: The smol in the cloak

Age: 5

Likes: Breaking things with his ''toy'' scythe, convincing monsters like Geno it's a real one so they become afraid, follow his orders, Coffee but don't let him find any or the place is screwed, Geno, Watching Geno

Dislikes: Touching plants because they will wilt, Touching people since as of now he's unaware the touch of death can be controlled and doesn't know how to control all of it yet because of this he also won't let people try touching him willingly

Caretaker: -definitely not a dust pile-


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Child:OuterTale sans
Likes: coloring pictures of space
Dislikes: being alone

Caretaker: Charisk
Likes: chocolate and Genocide
Dislikes: Everything nice

Extra:she can kill you in a snap

outertale sans art not by me charisk art is by me
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you hear a kid crying in a dark room for some reason as you went to check you noticed he appeared to be wearing a cloak, was looking at a dustpile with tears

Death: I..I wasn't trying to..e..everything I touch d..dies...

you tried to approach him but as you did he stopped crying backing away

Death: s..stay away!!! don't want you to die too..

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