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Announcement! to all who known Mrs Annie Pacot Harvey

Australian citizens, born Philippines

She is stranded in manila at present time. Desparate need of financial assistant for food, shelter, and most urgently need blood transfusions.

            She has suffered domestic violence, betrayal love one and abandoned by trusted friends. Betrayed by her lawyer, Badly set end up under heartless trustees personnel.Took all she had without any giving reason why.only give her little amount weekly not enough for 

Living in the city .

           To  Genuine this letter.

Please speak to ms. Annie by email reply here.or 001163-9392481987

Our  local chairman and secretary on 001163- 9266662795 by text or request a call back. For any one  able to assist now ,but need a pay at period of  time and any question about( ms Annie pacot harvey.  C\o Herson V. Lazaro. #1148 Jorge, Bocobo, street. Ermita Manila, Philippines.) Please used this address and western Union to send your help.....

Thank you all!

       Happy new year

Ms.Alleya Thigquera

Hall volunteer,

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Good will
To all this I wish 2017
Good lives, Good Health, Good wealth
Above All } Good Love { Good Happy new year everyone....
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