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"So, what's going to happen with Pasta for Spotify?"

There have been a lot of people asking me about this recently, so I'm just going to make a post that explains what I'm working on at the moment and what will hopefully happen with this project throughout the next year.

Has the app been abandoned?
No, definitely not. If you look at the recent commits in the repository, you'll see the latest change was... last week. While I don't have too much time to work on it since I have a ton of other projects as well as a life to deal with, I will keep working on the next update and will publish it as soon as it's ready.

Why isn't it on the play store?
Short answer: it got banned. Slightly longer answer: it got banned for an unclear reason, then I made an appeal and had a long and extremely confusing conversation with the person who banned it (they never actually said what the specific reason was), then it got unbanned for about an hour, then it got banned again and I gave up.

Where can I get the latest update?
The updates are published on github. You can download the apk from

What will be in the next update?
There have been a lot of performance improvements since the last version, mostly to do with scrolling and image loading, and I'm also working on adding some nicer animations.

When will the next update be released?
I honestly have no clue. There are a few bugs that might take me a while to fix, so I'm guessing sometime in March, but I can't be sure.

Is it possible to find Screenshots somewhere? Thanks.

Please don't stop the project because Pasta is the only material client for spotify out there! Thanks

Where can I get the latest version? The latest one from the GitHub link is from July.

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There is any update to the app?

Is the app still in development?

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I'm sure some people will be happy to know that Pasta for Spotify will never have a bottom bar 😇

Not because it looks bad, but because it won't look good with a playbar. Spotify got theirs to look somewhat acceptable, but IMO it's not really worth the screen space, especially when most of the content I use is on the first screen of the app anyway.

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Finally got around to changing Pasta for Spotify's icon (bottom right) (thanks +Vukašin Anđelković​​! 😁).

I might re-publish it if I get time, but right now I'm feeling pretty beat. Took the PSAT today. Got water buffalo and the cost of Janet's melons stuck in my head. Plus it's near the end of cross country. I'm extremely tired of running. I trip myself on a lot of things now 😂

Anybody have download Link for this app
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