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welcome to the Danganronpa Community! here we can rp or just do silly stuff!

posts have to be about Danganronpa
no bullying
no hating
no stealing characters
i choose if i want you to be moderator, no begging
if you want to be a canon character you have to have my permission and a profile
if a canon character is taken and you want to rp as them ask permission from the person that plays as them below
oc's don't need to be accepted
have fun!

moderator list:
+คℓιςє :3
evil characters:

good characters:

canon characters that are taken(will include profile name):
Nagito Komaeda(owner)
Kirigiri(+คℓιςє :3)

Oc profile should go like this
Evil/good/both/ neither:
how they got into the school:
favorite place to hang out:
school or free:
pic(optional and does not have to be yours):

canon is same just with accuracy
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Name: kurzuro enishima
Gender: male
age: 16
Evil/good/both/ neither: both. When he swaps personalities he evil thp
talent: ultimate distress
abilities: can swap personalities. But canr control when. He lives with an identity thats not his own in his mind. It activates when blood gets on his face
how they got into the school: lets just say a certain someone forced him in?
favorite place to hang out: office
crush(optional) junko enoshima
bf/gf(optional) none
friends(optional): all of them are dead.
enemies(optional): future foundatio
weapon(optional): depends on what he has
school or free: he goes to the school cuz of talent.
looks: red eyes, black hair
likes:distress, despair, pain, murder, junko, ikusaba, malice, hate
dislikes: hope, hope-filled people, winning, makoto, nagito, Going forward
bio:grew up with this girl whos like him, shes the queen of despair. He hanged out with her sister who was princess of despair/???. They spent the years together at hph(hopes peak high) together plotting malice things. He helped kill people too. He has a sister he hated so much he killed her when he was 8 and got away with it by saying that she tripped! The other friends he made weren't real. He used then as bait to kill for reasons. At the beginning of the year he was easy to get along with, but since the love for despair and distress started! Now hes the prince of distress is which what the rumors call him.

(if your reading this can i be the mastermind?)

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..........hallo XD

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Christmas themed rp?

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who want to rp this with me?
Chiaki walks around with Nagito and Hajime, playing her video game, she looks up to make sure she is still near them but the main reason she is with Hajime and Nagito, is because, it is Nagito's birthday and they are bringing him to the location of it, of course he doesn't know yet, he seemed curious with the whole thing of where we were going, no matter how many times they tried to tell him he isn't trash he still thinks he is, so maybe this will make him change his mind ((i am Nagito, if you want to be Chiaki you can^^))
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