When I first installed the Drivemode app a few months back I remember seeing instructions/settings about changing the width of the "menu-bar" on the left. I cannot seem to find that setting now. Is this no longer on option? Can anyone advise?

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The app tends to mispronounce the names of my contacts. How do I fix this?

Why is location permissions required? I only want to use the read out text feature. I don't need any of the location features.

LGV20 - With "switch access" on, "mini screen," one hand usage, does not work. What does switch access do and why does DRIVEMODE need it?
Thanks in advance

Any chance of adding an option to mute notifications from a message app for the length of a journey? Sometimes I don't want to be notified every time a new message is posted to What's App. An option on the message notification to mute it would be great.

Android Auto has that feature.

+Drivemode Why do you guys hardly ever post responses on the G+ community?

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When someone calls me theres a big green area which looks like i should press it to take a call. When i press it nothing happens and i cant find a way to awnser the call. Any ideas?

Anybody else having issues with DriveMode not reading messages from Textra? Since at least two updates ago, my DriveMode won't even give me the alert that there's a message in Textra, let alone offer to read it. I've checked that the "DriveMode" integration is enabled in Textra, and that DriveMode is checked to include Textra.

DM works fine for my other apps like FBMessenger and Slack - it's just Textra that isn't working.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S9+. This is also not the first time this has happened (I swear, DM/Textra stops working for me at least twice a year, and it's always a different reason!)
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