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Hello all you wonderful beta testers!

We're going to be monitoring this community less in the future. Instead, please direct beta bugs and feedback to Don't worry - we'll be watching that inbox like a hawk.

If you've got a non-beta Android support question, shoot an email to If you've got general Trello support questions, please contact

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I know that this community is not that active anymore but I still want to share. I just published Trello Beta on the TestingCatalog and left some feedback there as well.
My goal is to connect beta testers and developers together so I hope that it will bring some new members to the Trello beta program. Happy testing!

What happened to the "download important boards" setting? 

Also, why does Trello no longer show in recent apps? I might have to disable beta for a while for copy/paste to be usable.

Bug: Since the last beta update (~Sun 6th/Mon 7th), I cannot open any trello card in the android app, if the card has a checklist.

hi, trello is great! I noticed that the android app is missing an internal photo viewer. If i have some images attached to a card, the app is using the web browser to open the images one by one, which is very slow and boring.
I think that's a "must have" for such a wonderful app, don't you?

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I've had this pop-up quite a few times today as I was editing the text entries of a checklist. Try to move (not drag) the cursor, edit another existing item or edit intermittently. One of those should make this appear. Please tell me if you can't reproduce it!

I  use Trello for GTD with most boards having only myself as a user.  I don't want to assign all the cards to myself as that eats up valuable screen display space for the member icon in the website.  But as currently designed that means nothing shows up on the widget.   Are there any workarounds?   Can I toggle the widget to show all cards instead of only those assigned to me?

Is it possible to set repetitive tasks?  I have a series of tasks that I repeat every weekday.  At the moment, I'm guessing I'd have to change the due date each day.

Feature Request: auto save text in comments/cards.

Several times now I have lost a big chunk of new text when I stopped to think about something and the screen went to sleep after 30 seconds. Can be frustrating.

Much as I love the little ditty in the "what's new" section for the app, it would be nice to know what bugs have been fixed and/or what features have been added.
Is this published anywhere?

Thanks .. Ken
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