This notion that thoughts can be a crime, criminal, is absurd.  eXpressing one's thoughts visually, verbally, by the written word, is a basic function of being an Artist, which I am.  Sometimes eXpressing one's thoughts  comes in the form of actions, behavior, physical BEing.  Sculpture, performing in an Artistic rendering of thoughts, such as a play or movie, the making of eXpressive motion pictures [videos, movies] and the making of visual images [paintings, drawings, photographs], are all physical acts of eXpressing thoughts.  Thoughts are an integral part of BEing human and BEing Artist.  Thoughts, inward thinking of thoughts or outward eXpressions of thoughts simply cannot be separated from BEing human or BEing an Artist.  Just BEing alive produces thoughts.  BEing conscious results in thinking thoughts.  Thoughts are a Natural result of BEing a living breathing human being, and an Artist.  Thoughts cannot be separated from or eliminated from the living human Mind.  

My Mind, being the mind of an Artist, is prolific and fertile with thoughts.  Original thoughts, exceptional thoughts, creative thoughts, sometimes brilliant thoughts.  Thoughts are not a physical "thing" or an object that can be judged or defined by physical standards of substance.  Thoughts are not subject to judgments of the physical realms.  Thoughts are not a "thing."   Therefore, thoughts cannot be considered criminal or illegal "acts."  There is nothing of substance or of physical reality to hold criminally liable.  One cannot put a thought on the docket in a court room.  One cannot incarcerate a thought in a cage.  It is a physical impossibility.    
Thoughts are not crimes because thoughts are not actions.  It is a principle of law, and lawfulness, that a crime Requires actions, or an ACT that can be judged on the merits of that physical Act.  If there is no discernible act there is nothing to judge.   The "act" of thinking is internal and not an external physical reality, and therefore cannot be observed or "witnessed" by others.  No one can see what's going on inside your head.  An Act of thinking cannot be witnessed or observed by someone outside your head.  There MUST be a physical ACT before a thought can be made manifest and observed by others.   Observability is a basic element in law.  Without that observable element there is no crime, or unlawful act.

That's not to say that an act must be observed at the moment of the act.  Physical evidence of an act could be, or may be, observed that would confirm or verify that an act had taken place.  Thoughts are made manifest by physical evidence that an act has taken place.  Lacking a witness to the actual act, actions produce evidence that can be used to deduce that a particular act occurred.  The thought that produced the evidence, caused the evidence to exist in the physical realm, remains a mystery.  

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Sometimes people just boggle the Mind.  If I can SEE you, I can REMEMBER you.  Same goes for pictures of you that you post online.  Memory comes in different forms these days.  "Save image" means to put the image in my memory banks.  Don't want that?  Then don't post pictures of yourself online.  The internet is a public place.  Cloud is the new memory bank of The Mind.  

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