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About to present this to the DAC Committee. Check out for your next presentation. 

PBL Differentiation

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EdCamp RRISD Summer. Let's Make it a Tradition.
So, we are adding an EdCamp into the annual R ound Rock ISD Summer Professional Development Conference . It's a massive undertaking in itself over eight days with more than 300 session and over 5,000 attendees. More of a marathon than a sprint. But, this Ed...

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Hope you are joining us tomorrow for EdCamp RRISD Summer and here is where everyone will be making their session suggestions and +1ing their favorites. Follow along if you can't join us in person if you can. It will last until 11:50 and then you can join us for one of the afternoon sessions at the Round Rock ISD PD Conference.

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Here are the afternoon sessions you might want to attend.

I would like to learn more about Twitter, in consideration of creating a campus Twitter account. Also, I'm here to learn about the EdCamp format of PD.

Let's talk about IEPs for teacher PD, game-based education


Blogger tips and tricks for managing classroom websites more efficiently and making them more appealing and professional. 

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