Leaning against the outside wall of SugarcubeCorner listening to music, Dani has earbuds in

Applejack carried a basket of Apples to the barn, until you stop her.....

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Name; Fluttershy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Sweet, Friendly, Shy
Bio: Watch the show please ?
Style: Nature

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Name: King Sombra
Age:  over 2000
Gender:  Stallion
Species:  Unicorn(immortal)
Cutie Mark:  Crystals(duh)
Personality:  (New and improved) Solemn, serious, dark, but he is not evil anymore.
Powers: High knowledge of magic and dark magic, and his power is based on shadow magic
Battle Skills: He uses his scythe as a close and raged combat weapon, and uses his magic in both as well.
Backstory:  (Read Sombra's backstory) After he was apparently "destroyed" by the Crystal Heart, Sombra was found in an ice glacier years later. He is no longer evil, but his identity as the King of Shadows still lingers in his eyes.

I may sign up sometime

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Name: Blanked Apple
Age: 13
Personality: She is very kind to others but will always seem depressed or will zone out getting distracted easily.
Style: unknown
Short Bio: Play the game Story Of The Blanks
(Art not mine)

Rainbow sits in her apartment, flipping through channels.

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Name: Applejack
Age: 15
Gender; female
Short Bio: Watch show.
Personality: Wise, Honest, Stubborn, Down to Earth
Style: Western/ Cowgirl
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So lonely....

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Name: Sunset Shimmer
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly, Stubborn at times, fights for what she believes in
Style; anything with the colors of the sunset
Short bio: Watch Equestria Girls
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