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1. Can the lock screen wallpaper be saved?
No, unfortunately the wallpaper in the lock screen (if different from the homescreen wallpaper) is not accessible from other apps as this is not a standard Android feature.

2. Live wallpapers are not saved automatically, why?
If you experience problems with automatic save of live wallpapers please ensure that the app is not moved to the sd card.

3. How to prevent wallpapers set from the app being duplicated and saved again?
Wallpaper Saver is made to ignore duplicates. Unfortunately sometimes Android will cut the wallpaper a bit, when set, resulting in multiple copies being saved. We are working on a fix!

I want to put my old wallpaper back in place, I got everywhere but on my home screen! Geez

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I got the full version on Google play. But tried to install it on another tablet and it's a trial version. Can you please help me?

Hello! please fix, the app stops responding to the wallpaper change and does not save a new wallpaper. i tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but after some time this bug s7 nougat

HOORAY! My favorite Android wallpaper app works on my new Samsung Chromebook Plus. I turned on Dropbox Sync and it pulled in all the wallpaper I had saved on my phone. The only bug so far (I have seen it on my phone too) is that the "Your Current wallpaper" isn't always correct, but that's a minor problem.

Why can't I change save folder? Android 6.01. Keeps saying I don't have permission. I granted storage permission. Still can't change path at all. HELP! Good app otherwise.

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I appreciate the app very much & have enjoyed using it. But, I have noticed recently 2 situations where wallpaper is not being saved (with the automatic setting turned on). One is when the wallpaper is part of a theme (I use CM Launcer & so I've tried some of their themes) & the other is when an app is a collection of different wallpapers (like the one called MaterialWalls). Any thoughts?
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