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Happy Canada Day. A wonderful tribute to the many quirks we Canadian exhibit. Performed by Chris Hadfield (or space man) and his brother Dave.

Hello local guides, I am Terry Babij the moderator for the Hamilton Local Guides for Google Maps on Google+  I am looking forward to meeting every person who joins local guides in the Hamilton and area. In time we can plan events such as photo walks, crawls, and and meeting at events or shopping districts. We invite reviews and posts from others about the many unique places in the Hamilton Region. 

We recently returned to the Hamilton Region after over twenty years in Niagara. I am a member of the Hamilton Camera Club and a photographer by profession. A major part of my business is creating 360 degree virtual tours and other imagery for area businesses. These tours and photographs are accessed from Google Search and Google Maps. Since I spend so much time in Google Maps I try to make sure everything is accurate from pin locations, contact information and if I have dined or shopped I share reviews to make Google a better source of information.
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