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♦Restaurant Made In 4/11/17♦

Hello My Name Is Neptunia And Welcome To Precious Taste!
Im The Owner Of This Restaurant Just To inform You.
I Was To Encourage To Cook From
+Master whisウィス​​​​​
+Joseph Joestar​​​​​
So i wanna thank them.
So that's why i have decided to make a Restaurant
Every Day There will be new specials of food drinks and desserts
We have a bar and also live entertainment.
There is one rule and its NO DRAMA break that rule and you are banned
If there is a problem just tag me an i will handle this.
Anyways Enjoy!

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*can i order ketchup here?

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looks around hmm thise place looks fancy nice 

one omni creator happen with golden omni crown and 18 golden divine light and golden omni armour and white divine clothes and golden primordial chousin shield and the most original sword (his own sword and it exist becaise of him). He gently smiles sincerely with compassionate eyes but his face changed to ice-cold face This restaurant indeed have organic vegetarian foods and divine tea? he do super teleportation and space-time leaping to leave

sees Supah Hi +Supah Dragris​ 

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im new here and +Neptunia thanks for the invite

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Sad News...This Restaurant Is Closeing Up For Good. People Just Join,Post Once, Then Forget It In One Day...I Give Up...My Dream Is Now Crushed
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hey i''m new here and thx for invite +Shaderia The Hedgehog
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