Hi awesome ones,

IT web app to complement a heating and plumbing instillation business that helps home owners understand how energy efficiency systems work, and their affects economically and environmentally. 

Local customer's info used to further my interests, and the rest sold to utility and instillation companies.


Lesson #4 Looking for feedback

Who do you want to help?
Philippine-based businessmen
Returning Overseas Filipino Workers, returning Filipino migrants, foreign expats

Why do you want these people?
Let me answer that with a story. I was an entrepreneurial artist right off after college and keep on bumping into these books about marketing and business that don't really mean business.

They're all for the face value: registering your business, loaning money, and then setting up the store. These thing don't add up. There must be a better way to set up a business.

Then in 2012 I've discovered this odd, multicolored book in a bookstore entitled No BS Trust-Based Marketing by Dan Kennedy and there in that store I stood up looking between that book and another one by Dan. Reading intensely the bullet points on the back of the book and saying to myself, "Damn! this Dan Kennedy is reading my mind!"

After that I'm hook :) I'm bitten by a higher class, standard of approach in business and marketing.

From there I got to know a lot of other awesome No BS marketing teachers.

My aim for this startup is to share this different higher standard of approach in business and marketing. With the dream of contributing to the progress of our countrymen.

Many thanks to all these teachers: Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Benny Valenzuela, Craig Valine, Chet Holmes, Steve Sipress, Timothy Ferriss, Jay Wesse, Jay Abraham, Richard Johnson, Richard Bandler, Jamie Smart, Maxwell Maltz, Vishen Lakhiani, Brendon Burchard, Jill Lublin, Tony Robbins, Steve Blank,Ash Maurya, Eric Ries, Thomas Pichon, Noah Kagan, Ramit Sethi, Kevin Dewalt, Maneesh Sethi, Sean Ellis and so much much more.

How are you going to help them?
By sharing them the methodologies of these wonderful teachers in way that always have an actionable takeaway.

What are the products you want to sell them eventually?
Books, workbooks, implementation guides.

Lesson 6 

Thinking of setting up tests

- am planning to set up tests to test these "assumptions". I'm thinking of looking up business with no or weak USPs and suggesting to improve upon it for free. What do you think about that?
- then doing that to other part of the marketing system such as setting up joint ventures and other things
- looking for feedback :) i know there are a lot businessmen here :)

"Goal In Mind Marketing Helps Businessmen To Grow Their Businesses Without Spending More Money In Ads By Identifying Overlooked Marketing Assets."

The main problem businesses have is that they lack the marketing know-how, time and energy, they have too much in their hands that they have very limited time and energy to spend in marketing

They rely on Advertising to grow their business where there could be more effective ways
They don't have a strong Unique Selling Proposition that positions them way above their competition and removes them from the "Price War"
They don't utilize their list of past customers, current customers and prospective customers
They don't partner up with complementary businesses 
They want someone who will do this for - An implementer not just a Consultant telling them what they should do (They already know Marketing is important but don't have the time and energy to invest)

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Hello guys,

Following on from some good advice I got from Thomas, I've decided to build up ecurricular as a community site. More content has been added from some advice received from friends.

Now, however I would like to know what you all think.

1. What do you understand my community does judging by the website?
2. Is the content engaging?
3. Is there any advice or pointers you think I should know about?


Thank you.

I would have to say a few BIG challenges:
Finding and testing the idea with potential customers. My idea involves 2 different customer/user segments - Conference providers and Conference goers. I have developed a qualification questionnaire for which I have received about 25 qualified responses (and some really good customer insights) but these were all directed at goers. I have had a hard time engaging event providers.

I would say that I am a jack of all trades, ace of none - I have done a lot of the UX and UI design work myself but am certainly no expert. The same with the development side. I could really use some help on the frontend and backend tech aspects.

Hello Guys,

I have a question. I've used emails, facebook and twitter ads targeting people in my persona criteria. However, I don't seem to be finding the 'evangelists' who actually love the idea, and can talk to others about it.

Are there any principles I should be using to find the evangelists?

I am working on a platform to help people who have a hobby. I would like to connect them with sport clubs. I am wondering today how to grow faster my project, how to build an engaged community... Any idea or feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

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I founded Asyncode in order to help non-programmers build apps for data collection, processing and visualisation. As I spent a lot of time everyday helping our customers, I would be interested in launching a community forum where these customers could help each other. How would you advise me to start such a project?

I'm thinking of building a community of location independent entrepreneurs in Asia.

Can you share any experiences you've had with growing a startup by building and developing a community?

I am starting a new project: I want to help companies have a stronger innovation culture. I have realized that startups in a growing phase and large corporations have these kind of issues. The problem then is that without a good culture of innovation, the market needs do not get properly met and it may even lead to employee dissatisfaction (no one is happy to work on a team that is building mediocre products!). I am wondering which market I should pick. Glad to get your insights. Thanks!
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