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Should abortion be legal?
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Abortion should be funded
Abortion should be legal
Abortion need reason
Abortion need to be illegal

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There wont be child abuse if no more children are reproduced.

18 years of raising a new citizen. We could integrate an immigrant within 5 years. 

If new people are needed to take care of the old and sick, it requires the old people to die. Old people need to take care of each other. Abolish retirement unless they are so weak that they can not commit suicide.

Life is precious. We need to live forever.

If some women want to have children, they should just adopt an immigrant.

We should all be sterilized.

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Brian Stroffolino at WOOL.FM.

I have started to post to this group on Facebook. It's a lot bigger than any group on here, and I hope I can get more ideas and contribute as well.

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