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Guys if you want a new community. Join A friend of mines. I mean this place is dying. There are more poképals here.

This place is dead ;n;

Wow this takes me back

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So I'm playing Pokemon Colosseum again right. Then comes the 2nd Mirror B fight. On his last pokemon which is a ludicolo, AVOIDED DEATH! This made me laugh so hard I walked away from the game and fell dead on my bed for about 5 mins thinking to my self. "This mo-fo, sombrero head looking ass, had just advoided dying to let me win the battle.", what happened was I poisoned it and then when it got healed by the rain I forgot what the thing said and then poison damaged the very turn his bar hit 0! Can you gess what happened next? Leach seed happened... Leach seed activated and healed the basterd up. The poison should have killed it! 


let's revive this community,eh lads?

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Here I am, gonna try to complete the Hoenn dex. It's gona be a long trip! Possibly longer for the Natonal dex.

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My minecraft skin, Greninja
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