So where's the dang podcast?

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Even though I'm not on the show right now folks, I'm still helping to promote this awesome podcast/hangout, so here for your viewing pleasure are the last two shows that +Nick Wallace and +Nick Seuberling have done:

Episode 45 - CES featuring special guest  +Chase Nunes of GeekGamer.TV

Thursday Tech Talk - Episode 45 - CES

Epsiode 46 - We’re Not Net Neutral

Thursday Tech Talk - Episode 46

Don' t forget to show your love for the show by heading over to and clicking the affiliate link whenver you shop at!

Awesome show last Friday +Nick Wallace , +Nick Seuberling and Chase Nune! I'm sorry I wasn't able to join you guys as it sounded awesome!

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If any of you in the community missed the last few Hangout episodes, here they are:
Episode 30 - Thursday Tech Talk Episode 30
Episode 31 - Thursday Tech Talk - Episode 31 - Google Spam

and as always, the audio only podcasts are at

I wasn't available for episode 31 this week, but +Nick Seuberling  and +Nick Wallace  did a great job! Hope to see you all next week!

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For anyone that missed the live hangout, here's the recording from tonight's show!
Nick Wallace was in a video call with 1 person. #hangoutsonairAnthony Ackerman

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Audio only podcast from last Thursday's show will be available soon!
Thursday Tech Talk Episode 28 video is live!

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New show starting soon! Tune in to the video in our Hangout on Air or listen at

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Technical difficulties aside, that's another show in the bag for this week! You'll be able to catch the podcast on real soon.

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Started up our On Air hangouts again Tech Talk fans! So anyone who wants to see +Nick Seuberling  moan about Verizon, +Nick Wallace  having MORE technical issues again (this time with his Lower Third banner) and me forgetting what time of the show it was, check out the Hangout we recorded!

Welcome to our newest community member, +Justin Kendall , a personal friend of mine and fellow tech head who I've known for a few years now (both attended the same college previously). Hope you enjoy the show! Let us know if you have any questions or you'd like us to cover anything special on the podcast!

I know you asked about walk-ins. I think we could have you on as a special guest if you'd like. +Nick Seuberling , would you like to comment?
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