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Hello everyone, welcome to the fantasy rp! This is where any fantasy created or anything like that are here. Real the rules please!

•no cussing/swearing
•no arguing
•no talking back
•the owners may be in more then one dimension
•dont make your oc too op
•only 3 abilities/powers/magics
•you may have up to 4 ocs
•you can only rp if you posted your oc and was approved by a owner or mod
•use the template
•have fun!
•no asking to be mod or owner
•no bulling (I guess only in rp)
•if you don't have something on your oc profile, please update it
•you can visit other dimension but you can only live in one dimension
•you can only be one species
•owners may have both dark and light magic

|What will cause you to get a warning|
• talking back to mod or owner
(I'll think of more)

Last name:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Powers (limited to: 3 or 4):
Abilities (limited to: 3 or 4):
Magics (dark or light (you can only pick one):
Good or bad:
Crush (if you have one ._.):

Other templates I will be posting later

Made up ocs:
Lily- +Lily Moon​​​​​​​​​​​​
Akirey- +Umbreonlover 21​​​​​​​​​
Willow- +Girly Gamer 93​​​​​​​
Ethan- +_SnowG GamesMC44009​​​​​​
Wolfie- +_SnowG GamesMC44009​​​​​​
Jacky- +Michele Escalante​​​​

Main characters:
Lily- +Lily Moon​​​​​​​​​​​​

Have fun!

(Open Rp) Chrome is walking around in a tree ridden grassy knoll. She notices something amiss in one of the taller oak trees. She walks over to it and begins to she gets near the top, the branch that her right hand is holding onto bends and moves. She realizes what was amiss with the tree...It was alive. As soon as she notices this, she jumps of the tree and summons her weapon. Preparing for battle, as she hates being startles. You see this from afar and you...

Name:Chlomos Ao-Prasinos
Last name:Ao-Prasinos
Species:No one is positive
Hair color:Black with stripes of black, the tips change color(black-different shades of red-different shades of blue-white-repeat)
Eye color:Her left eye is deep red with no pupils or whites, while the right eye is pure black.
Likes:Get close to her
Dislikes:Get close to her
Dimension:Unknown Dimension
Powers (limited to: 3 or 4):Elemental control, any powers death gods have-she has, mind control, telepathy(one way)
Abilities (limited to: 3 or 4):Mirroring,Telekinesis,Teleportation,Unknown ability
Magics (dark or light (you can only pick one):Dark
Outfit:She keeps it hidden by a black hooded cape
Good or bad:Bad...everyone thinks that
Pets:She has a few...though she keeps them hidden
Crush: NOPE

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Name: Utano
Last name: Amano
Nickname: None, he keeps to himself
Species: Human
Hair color: Dark, chestnut brown
Eye color: Deep, swirly blue
Likes: Drawing and the natural world
Dislikes: People and fire.
Personality: Unsociable, doesn't like to talk to people,
Dimension: The Worrier Dimension
Powers (limited to: 3 or 4): Utano's greatest power is his drawing, anything he draws can bring into existence.
Abilities (limited to: 3 or 4): "I don't have any "Abilities" as you say...I just draw..."
Magics (dark or light (you can only pick one): Light
Outfit: Utano wears a white, slightly tattered shirt, a brown, light backpack with black trousers.
Good or bad: Neutral, he goes out of his way to help, but can be tempted by evil.
Age: 19
Family: None
Pets: None
Crush (if you have one ._.): None
(Back story)
Utano began drawing since he was young, he never did connect with people, excluding one girl. Every other night Utano would leave the house to go into the forest and draw, however he always felt he was being watched, still he continued his hobby. But one day, he felt something wasn't right, but still (not listening to his senses,) he went out to draw. He made it to his usual spot and began to draw, but in the darkness, he noticed something different, something glowing...

So he got up and checked it out.

As he approached he saw that it was a seal, it glowed a deep blue, luring him in. He reached down to touch it, but as he did, he passed out.

As he woke, he was moving, but not by himself...he was being carried, by the girl that he'd liked. But as he looked up at her, he saw her face, she was covered in soot and blood. Slowly Utano looked behind, he saw the village burning, people screaming and crying, before fading back into black. As he woke, he was laid in an open field, corn swayed happily in front of him, he looked to his left and saw his notepad and pencil, he looked to the right and saw his backpack...but the girl was no where to be seen, he thought he must have dreamed it, but he headed back to the village and he realized...

"I have nothing left."

(Actual Bio)
Utano is a pessimist. After his past he doesn't believe that there is any good in the world, so now all he does he search for the girl that saved him, and tries to figure out who burned down his childhood home and murdered his family. Since he doesn't like talking to people, he isn't getting very far, he needs help and he knows it, but he refuses to try and find it himself. As well as this, the old rune that he found has given him and endless fountain of possibilities for himself, he just needs to figure them out, he doesn't remember much from before the event however, the rune and trauma of it is blocking his memory, he needs to find the girl, get back his memory and avenge his parents.

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Name: Chase
Lastname: LightningWolf
Nickname: Chase, Huge flipin flirt, Second Alpha, Lone wolf, ????, Troublemaker
Species: Wolf/Demon
Hair color(s): Black/Silver/Brown
Eye color(s): Silver/Black
Likes: "Why do you wanna know!?"
Dislikes: "To get to me omega!?!? Huh!?! Not speaking."
Dimension: Wolf Dimension
Powers: All dark & Light Magix
Abilities: "To learn more about me right!?!? No!"
Magic ((Dark or Light)): Both
Outfit: Pics
Good or Bad: Both
Age: ????
Family: "What's a family? I don't know of any...."
Pets: Shakes head Nope.
Crush: Wolfie ??? Kittsune
Bio: ?????

Quote: "Shhhhh! I'm not a mirror!"
Other Quote: "That's a pretty name huh~"
Other Other Quote: "Run away with me~ Forever...."
Chase LightningWolf Profile
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Last name:Rosabelle
Nickname: jacks ,j, or rose
Species: neko
Hair color:blonde
Eye color:blue
Likes: reading ,sharing ,and drawing
Dislikes:haters of art & people who don't use proper English
Personality: nice and nerdy
Dimension: spirit dimension
Powers (limited to: 3 or 4): none ready
Abilities (limited to: 3 or 4):run fast and help you anytime
Magics (dark or light (you can only pick on): dark
Outfit:blue dress w/ bows
Good or bad: good
Age: 13
Family: family is gone
Crush (if you have one ._.):nope Dan won't let me
Bio: her mom and dad were always out so Jacky and her brother left home and travel but one time they found this .... Weird thing so they traveled dementions but Dan got lost and is missing ( Idk what to put heh )

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<Rp anyone can join>

You were walking around your dimention when you notice someone who wasent from around there walking around with a bow and arrow, they were fairly short and you couldent see thire face bc of thire cloack, you..


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(open rp)
You decided to go to another dimension since you never really been to another dimension, you see a portal and you go it, there was a castle, the first person to come up to you was a girl, she has blonde hair, sky blue eyed and a bandana, half pink and half aqua, she looked concerned why you were there so you..
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