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Hello everyone. I 'm stuck with this
 How can I add BCC to site notifications?

in this sender

i have this sender php en my wordpress

------------------------------- CODE ------------------------------- 

$absolute_path = _FILE_;
$path_to_file = explode( 'wp-content', $absolute_path );
$path_to_wp = $path_to_file[0];

//Access WordPress
require_once( $path_to_wp.'/wp-load.php' );

$s = (int) $_POST['s'];
$s1 = (int) $_POST['s1'];
$s2 = (int) $_POST['s2'];
echo '{"status":"NOK", "ERR":"'.__('Please check your value for validation because your result of sum is incorrect.','rb').'"}';

$form = '<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0">'."\n";

for($i=0; $i<sizeof($_POST['key']); $i++)
$form .= "<tr>\n\t<td valign=\"top\">".htmlspecialchars($_POST['title'][$i])."</td>\n\t<td>".htmlspecialchars($_POST[$_POST['key'][$i]])."</td>\n</tr>";

$form .= '</table>';

$subject = 'Consulta Web '.get_bloginfo('name');

// To send HTML mail, the Content-type header must be set
$headers  = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";
$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";
$headers .= 'From: '.get_bloginfo('name')." <".get_bloginfo('admin_email').">\r\n";

// Mail it
$result = wp_mail(get_bloginfo('admin_email'), $subject, $form, $headers);
$result = mail(get_bloginfo('admin_email'), $subject, $form, $headers);

echo '{"status":"OK"}';
echo '{"status":"NOK", "ERR":"'.__('Have got an error while sending e-mail.', 'rb').'"}';



----------------------------- CODE ----------------------------- 

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Muhammad Saad Khan

Hints, Tips & Tricks  - 
5 Best Cache Plugins for +WordPress 

Reducing the page load time of your website improves user experience and reduces the chance of them hitting the back button on their browser.

Website speed is also an important ranking signal in Google search. Therefore, you need a best cache plugin that can help you speed up your website. Here are 5 best plugins that we think can help you achieve that.
Got a slow website? Check out these free and paid WordPress caching plugins to speed up your web pages.
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David Remer

Hints, Tips & Tricks  - 
In this small blog post, I present a way how to individualize the header image, which you define in the #WordPres customizer on specific pages. If you use this script, you can define an alternative header image as a custom field in pages & posts.
Together with the WordPress Customizer a nice feature was introduced into WordPress: The header image. If a theme supports header images with add_theme_support() you can choose an image, which will be displayed in the header. I’ve read now an interesting question in a forum: Can someone please tell me if it is possible to alter …
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Hi all
After was installed Lock Down plugin, nobody can't login in dashboard, somebody know what need to do with it.

What was already done:
1. plugin was removed from FTP - no results
2. all plugins were disabled from database - no results
3. Manually was tried to change password , by copy paste user_pass from another database. - no results, different salt and etc.
4. Folder with plugins was renamed - no results.

What i think, passwords are correct , so we dont need to change them, mayby auth function was overwritten ..

Can anybody help with it ? 
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Thomas Scholz (toscho)'s profile photoSerghei Stoianov (SerStoVik)'s profile photo
+Thomas Scholz yes, we have another general htaccess above this folder but he dont have any changes
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Todd Karlen

Questions  - 
Hello all.....back to an original question I asked earlier....

Does anyone know the max size of a zip file theme that can be loaded through the wordpress dashboard (upload theme) ?

I used filezilla....but I am extremely interested in how many MB's can be loaded through the Dashboard? 

The reason for this is I am trying to sell a theme to a friend that they can load themselves.  It does have lots of pictures I have to admit.  The file size is 145 MB and it is getting a too large notification.

Thanks in advance :)
Kris Jolls's profile photoTodd Karlen's profile photo
Thanks +Kris Jolls !!
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Richard Duddy

Questions  - 
Hi People. Whenever I try to post something from my Wordpress website on google plus, I get the following message:

The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster. Your support ID is: 15891905563157361753. 

I'm not getting any errors on structured data test (which someone had suggested might point to a resolution). I've cleared cookies and cache, tried on different machines but no joy.

I'm stuck. Any ideas? Thanks

PS. Wordpress community say it's a google plus issue, google plus community say it's wordpress issue...  
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Last chance for simple trick : You can verify your browser network settings that must be set without proxy.
Did you manage something in your php ini, htaccess, robots.txt (why not) ? 
Have a look in your admin panel, is there a silly blacklist, firewall to disable. if not, you'll need to phone to your web host ... you can yell at them from me !
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blackMORE Ops

Hints, Tips & Tricks  - 
Ghost Google Analytics Referral spam? Let it be history.
Three effective solutions for Google Analytics Referral spam. #GoogleAnalytics #ReferralSpam #ReferrerSpam

I published this post referrer spam and should you be worried? back in December and I am still seeing a constant influx of frustrated website owners and concerned netizens getting worried about similar spams. I happen to be one of the first to…
I published this post referrer spam and should you be worried? back in December and I am...
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Kelly Ohlmus

Discussion  - 

Has anyone out there in WordPress land used this plugin recently to set up a listing of locations for visitors to search?  Would you recommend?
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Val Vesa

Discussion  - 
Recently, we began to notice that some hacked websites were redirecting traffic from certain browsers to the BitCoin site, bitcoin.org
Our labs examine hacked websites that redirect certain traffic to via a TDS.
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Owen Prescott

Questions  - 
How many Wordpress websites do you host?
I'm working on a series of infographics and so I thought I would create this poll to get some feedback from Wordpress users.

by +Owen Prescott 
My Blog:
Tags: #wordpress #web #poll  
102 votes  -  votes visible to Public
1 Website
2 - 3 Websites
4 - 9 Websites
10 - 20 Websites
21+ Websites

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Brian Grensteen

Discussion  - 
my links do not work in my WooCommerce shop. when I create a new product and want to see it on the website. the page won't work 
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+Nikki Beez Ok that, I will. and many thanks for your answers
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Jatin Visaria

Questions  - 
How to create marketplace using wordpress? Do not have any coding knowledge.
Jatin Visaria's profile photoKris Jolls's profile photo
Great advice. It's one thing to do it yourself because there are plugins but its better to have it done right. 
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Martin Hjort

Questions  - 
Håber jeg kan få hjælp herinde :)

Is it possible, with htaccess or another way, to set X-Robots-Tag on a certain url?

A customer of mine, uses a WP plugin, that generates PDF files on the fly, through a certain url calling a php file, like this where the number changes from PDF to PDF.

Can it be solves with a regex like \/wp-content\/plugins\/pdfcatalog\/getcatalog\.php\?c=\d+?$ ?
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Five  Biggest Myths about WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most accepted, CMS. Initially WordPress started out as a platform only for blogging, but has grown and leading significantly over the years.Today, over 70 million of websites are using WordPress  surprisingly still has some alarming myths surrounding it.

Being someone that develops sites for and works with WordPress every day, I get particularly frustrated when these misconceptions show up. I feel the need to try and dispel some of them, and so, here are five of some of the most common myths we've heard.

1.WordPress is just for blogging

It started as a blogging platform but has soon expanded and reached into bigger markets. WordPress now caters for complex websites, e-commerce sites and directories. It is one of the most easiest and affordable ways to get any type of website live. Some of the biggest names use WordPress as the platform to their websites, NBC Sports, CNN and Time just to name a few dedicated WordPress users.

2.WordPress Sites aren't Secure

No system is perfect, let me just get that out of the way right up front. None. Now here’s the deal though, there’s a reason why Windows machines are targeted by viruses so much more than Apple computers. The reason being, there are simply are more of them. It’s the same with WordPress. So many sites around the world use WordPress, attackers target it more. That doesn't mean there is an inherit insecurity with WordPress. If a user follows good security practices, chances are they will never have a problem.

3. WordPress doesn't provide Support

WordPress is open source - how can it provide support? Well, if you're looking for an 800 number, you're right, it doesn't exist. However, the idea that you can't get support for a problem, bug or issue is just not true. No matter what level user or developer you are, there is a way to get answers to your questions.

The forums at are amazing, the codex has fantastic documentation and social networks play an important role too. My favorite place to get support is from the email lists. There are hackers, plugins and other email lists which you can subscribe to. Then when you have an issue, you email the group.

Typically I get answers to rather complex problems in minutes. This is also a great way for you to share your knowledge and experience and give back.

4.WordPress is more difficult to use.
More difficult than what? Certainly not more difficult than coding HTML by hand. Most people would resort to a webmaster for that. WordPress frees users to make design and content changes on their own with practically no coding experience (although some coding know-how will certainly come in handy eventually).
WordPress may be more difficult than certain proprietary point-and-click solutions online, but this ease of use pales in comparison to the risks of investing time and effort into a platform you can't control. That's a really bad idea.

5.WordPress plugins are unreliable.
WordPress plugins are as reliable as the authors behind them. Some plugin writers are careless hacks, but many are professional-grade coders who pay attention to standards and aim to support their projects for the long haul. The WordPress plugin rating system – not to mention "The Google" – make it fairly easy to find the best plugin for a task. 

#wordpressmyths   #wordpress   #myths   #plugin  
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What Wordpress plugins for you can not miss the administrative panel of your site regardless of what your goal with your site?
  The 14 Wordpress plugins I know and use are: 1) Backup WordPress, 2) Wordfense Security, 3) Contact form 7, 4) WordPress SEO, 5) Shareholic, 6) W3 total cache, 7) Ultimate nofollow, 8) Quick Adsense, 9) Ad injection, 10) Petty link, 11) Sitemaps, 12) Google Analytics for WordPress, 13) Ad injection and 14) Jetpack.
  In addition to the 14 plugins I mentioned, you use more some other plugin that can not miss on the site?
Anthony Dean's profile photoCarrie Lewis's profile photo
Yes I forgot to add Wordfence! That is such a great plugin!
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Is there a WordPress plugin for classified ads that supports free and paid ads at the same time?
Igshaan Taliep's profile photoMitchell D. Miller's profile photo
We have that. But no option to separate free and paid ads by category. Left AWCP forum message asking if it could be done with extra $39 AWCP plugin, but they never replied.

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Munir Kamal

Questions  - 
Hi All I am looking for feedback for my very first WordPress plugin added at #WordPress repo recently. It's an addon for #Siteorigin  page builder plugin. Please review and provide your feedback, suggestions, comments and i will do best to implement it.
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Tyler Golberg

Questions  - 
Does anyone know of a plugin or the name of this effect for the little points on top of the bike image? They reveal more info as you hover over them.
Patrick Flynn's profile photoTyler Golberg's profile photo
+Montlake Media yes.
+Kris Jolls​ good point. I could make two different blocks, one for desktop and one for mobile. 
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Paul Eiche

Hints, Tips & Tricks  - 
The WordPress Jetpack plugin's infinite scrolling module can detect footer widgets, but you have to build in footer menu support yourself. I did just that.
With the most recent release of my WordPress theme Cover, I’ve included an enhancement that I’m kind of proud of. Cover supports a few modules in the Jetpack plugin, but the one I want to highlight is the infinite scrolling functionality. The basic implementation of infinite scrolling support is simple enough: add_theme_support( 'infinite-scroll', array( /* …
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