I want to find a good way to document all pages on a clients site before a redesign - preferably in a spreadsheet. Traditionally we would just use some trawling software to trawl every link and export a sitemap. However quite a few clients have pages which are not linked from menus but still have url's and are linked form mailshots / ads / quick links. My question is, what do you guys use to create a sitemap of a clients site so that you include all pages not just linked ones.

A friend is looking to move their WP site onto PHP7 but one of their plugins (Broken Link Checker) is not compatible with PHP7 (Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7).

Can anyone recommend an alternative plugin or advise on how to move to PHP7 with this plugin?

Hello friends,
  I'm using the Graphene template, and I need to put only the posts of a category on the homepage. I got on the internet but I still can not.
can you help me?

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I want to incluse google ad in posts paragraph like the photos.

Please help me that how can I add this automatically
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Evening all

I have wasted two days trying to fix my navigation bar and can't work out what the problem is .... for some reason one of the pages flicks over onto a second line? It's a sitewide issue .... and driving me crazy!! Can anyone offer any tips to fix it? The theme is Startit. I've even created new menus - to no avail!!


I have a problem, I can't customize my site. I open up the customizer only to be told that my session has logged out. Then after I try customizing anyway I'm told that I don't have permission. Sounds to me like somebody has exploited WordPress. Is there an answer for this?

One more question today. Would my webpage change at all if I integrated it into my blogger or vice versa?

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Please I need a help with the wordpress adsense ads showing

I want to add adsense code in sidebar. But in sidebar have 6 posts showing so I want to show ads after 3 posts.

this is the website where to show http://thefinestpost.com/

Example of the website : http://www.thethings.com/15-disney-themed-weddings-that-make-us-believe-in-magic-again/

Please let me know anybody didn't got my point

Hi Guys, new member here! I'm a PHP developer working with Wordpress since 3.1. Just recently decided to share my experience from the past 7 years of Wordpress dev/design and started typing my own stuff with intention to help others. WPbrainery.

I'm glad that I've found this group with so many members!

I am new to WordPress but not to programming. I was thinking of creating a plugin with a premium version. I have seen other plugins with premium versions on WordPress.org. Not trying to push buttons here, just want some real information. I ran into this comment on WordPress.org and I want to get a better understanding of the situation.

Here is the comment:

"Now for a side question of mine: why are you trying to host a theme in the WordPress repository? What’s your motivation?

If it’s “I have great opensource software and want to share that with the community” then cool. 5 weeks really isn’t a big wait time when you look at everyone else in the queue.

If it’s “I’m looking to generate sales leads to sell my premium version” then you’re in the wrong place. Please consider just marketing your theme in one of the many commercial repositories out there. Those online market places have nothing to do with this place.

Anyone looking to make their business off of anything in these forums is ignoring the man in the watchtower yelling “ICEBERG!”


I guess my question is : Is having premium versions considered not really desirable. I already know it is allowed because others are doing it.
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