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Hey Everyone, I've been using Wordpress for over a year now and it's still not second nature to me...not a coder.

I installed Loginizer and now i can't get into my site, no matter how many times I reset the password. Is there a workaround without having to edit the php files etc, free support?


Hi there and thank you for adding me to your community!
I am Fabien, I am 29 years old and I am French! My personal blog is called and it is about movies and music (among other things).
I have a question regarding my blog: is it possible to access wp-login.php page (and my blog administration page) from a foreign country (I am going to live in Spain for a three-month period). My blog is hosted in OVH.
Thank you for your answers!

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The Custom Post Types are one of the most important options of WordPress when it comes to extending the functionalities of the Core.

This #tutorial reviews the most common uses of the types of personalized posts and how to create them via #plugin or custom #code.

What are your top 5 default install plugins?

Mine are so far:

1. itheme Security
2. W3 Total cache
3. Woocommerce (if ecommerce)
4. Yoast
5. MonsterInsights

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when user place a video link in wordpress website then it should have to play the video like
can some help me to solve this problem?

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Hello users, I’m facing an issue like – I’ve only one MySql DB given by my hosting provider. So what I do is, for different applications I use same DB. but I use seperate prefix always for separate tables to understand, this is related to WP, this is related to another..
Last day while I created some tables for another application, but unfortunately after the test, I accidentally cleared some of the rows inside those test tables, after that my wp isnot connecting to DB. Right now I dont have a backup of DB.

Right now i have all wp tables(myISAM type) , test tables- InnoDB type (with some deleted rows).
How can I fix this? is dropping of those test tables (they re not part of WP anymore) can help me?

please help me.

Hi there, I am blogging with and want to copy my blogs over to wordpress so that I have them on 2 platforms. Can anyone advise on how to do this?

I get the following whenever I install a plugin, "<!-- @todo Tags and Taxonomy --> <!-- @todo Media uploads -->". I suspect any earlier plugin put those in in one or more files, but I don't know where or how to find them so I can delete them. Can you help?

And no, disabling the plugins does no good.


Someone could recommend me a method so that a registered user have access to a form, which can fill just 1 time, please :)


Does anyone know if there is an inline editor for adding child referenced custom post types. What I mean is I have a custom post type lets call it parent which has its own fields - name, description, photo etc and then there is another custom post type called child which has its own fields. Multiple children per parent. I can add a reference field to the children so that when you add a child, you select the parent. However it seems a little distjoined - it would be nice to add the parent and then within the edit screen for the parent, have a section like a ACF repeater field where i can add the children. These will be full nodes and have their own url's but will be edited directly in the parent rather than going to the child post type in the left menu?
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