Has anyone here used the plug-in Media Library Assistant? I've dabbled around with it but I honestly feel like I've hardly even scratched the surface of what it is capable of. I would love to see some examples of what it can do. Is there any way someone could share projects some that have been created with it?

Which is the best plugin to protect #wordpress from hackers? How to avoid intrusion to server? Does switching to https:// will help?

Child themes directory structure.

I understand that to create a child theme a directory, eg theme-child, needs to be created. This contains two properly contructed  files,  style.css and functions.php.

I also understand that templates that exist in the themes root directory can be overridden by putting an identically named file in the theme-child root directory. So if theme root directory has a file called foo.php, a file called foo.php is placed in the theme-child root directory to overide.

However what if the parent theme has a template in a sub directory that needs to be overriden, what should the child theme directory structure look like, and where in the child theme directory structure would the overwriting template go? So theme/subdir/baa.php requires overriding. Does its replacement go in theme-child/subdir/baa.php or somewhere else.


Hello, wich is the best coded wordpress magazine theme? is there any other place to look for themes beside themeforest? thank you for the help

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WordCamp Atlanta

Another learning experience at #Atlanta #Wordcamp #wcatl
My main Takeaways included creative changes to my business model, increase security & explaining responsive design ~ And meeting new #wordpress friends. Thanks everyone!

Can anyone help me? Where from I can learn WordPress underscores(_s) theme?

Thanks in advanced

Hello, just wondering if there is a plugin or simple solution to stop this from happening.
So basically as soon as I hit save, it eats a paragraph or some spacing...

So two paragraphs end up blending into one.
This is an issue I have every time I start a new WordPress blog, then it goes away.

I looked through my other site plugins and i have "PS Disable Auto Formatting" installed but not activated.

I remember having the same issue wit this site when I launched it 2-3 years ago, but am not having any issues with it anymore... cant remember what solved it, was it "PS Disable Auto Formatting" even that its no longer activated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

PS Im running News Pro Theme from Studiopress on Genesis

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Track your website traffic, improve your website speed and control all tags from a single place. A step by step guide to installing Google Tag Manager in Wordpress.

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WordPress website administrators often face spam comments, automatic fake registrations as common security threats. CAPTCHA is a very powerful tool for protecting websites against bots. Until now, this security measure generated a security question that only humans can answer. In many cases, solving CAPTCHA every time for gaining access to resources is very annoying.

Improve WordPress Website’s Security With Google Invisible ReCAPTCHA Plugin

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Okay - the scenario is that two websites with the same theme and plugins on the same server...

One of the websites has a problem with Fetch and Render (and also with the display aspect on the Google Mobile Friendly tester) in that the RENDER shows as PARTIAL and has various css and js as temporarily unreachable (although that is the case EVERY TIME) also, rankings have dropped considerably for this website over the past couple of weeks...

Have just moved hosting with BOTH of the domains (this Partial 'seems' to have coincided with the move) so why does one have a problem but the other one doesn't?

I have Fetched and Rendered the first (of several) of the listed css files that are shown as 'temporarily unreachable' and it fetches and renders as COMPLETE...

I have tried using a different theme but the exact same result...
re https://goo.gl/aoHSR5

Help anyone?
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