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Google will shut down Google+ soon.

And with that, our community will come to an end. We will let it run as long as they let us. Right now I already want to thank you all for your contributions, and the open, friendly community we have enjoyed here.

In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019.

Update: I have set up a group on MeWe that might work as a replacement:

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Recently I switched to BunnyCDN, with good results. What has been your best performing CDN(s)? Cloudflare > BunnyCDN > KeyCDN > Stackpath...

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Hello, I have been on wp for about 2 years and still not an expert. need your help. Im running the latest wp and the theme is tesserant. I am trying to embedd a map on my page but it never shows up. my site is and im trying to embedd it on the page called "balloon" this is the url to the map that i want to embedd I have tried two different ways, i have tried a plugin called advanced iFrame with no luck. and also tried to do it with some java script. Can anyone help me to learn how to embed this map on my wp site?

Hi, I have created a website and setup a form to capture some data (using ninja forms). The reason I have used ninja forms at the minute is due to its ability to send an email attachment in csv format on form submission. The issue is that the formatting of the csv file is not how I need it.

Its important that the format is correct as the csv file is emailed directly into our mrp system and needs to be in the correct layout in order to be read correctly. I can see other plugins such as gravity forms etc but they only offer the ability to enter the back end and export form submissions, not send the email attachment on submission.

I would be very grateful for any ideas on this as im finding it very difficult to find an answer. Maybe it cannot be achieved.

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Please advise, what plugin can I use to improve loading speed in this mobile version

Hi everyone. I am using the Twenty Seventeen theme for my website. It seems to be working well for me... except, I am having trouble optimising the look of the header on the pages. It looks great on the Home page, but on the other pages it is cut off and only a small portion of the header image (the company logo, is visible. I know there must be a way to fix this. Any ideas?

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Experienced, reliable WPML freelancers needed for ongoing piece jobs.

Contact me with your CV, some job references and your proposed hourly rate on

We are looking forward to capable, responsible and reliable people from around the world to join our team!



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WordPress is considered to be more flexible than Joomla because creating a website and handling it, is way easier in WordPress.

Even beginners can easily set-up their websites on WordPress. WordPress has customizing options like Joomla, but the ones offered by WordPress are more impressive than the latter.

#WordPress #Joomla #migratewebsite #WordPresstutorials #WPtuts

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WordPress 5.0 is out.

Before you are running the update, clear all caches and make a backup!

The most important change is likely the new editor, called Gutenberg. If you don't like it, install and use the classic editor instead.

Just when I think I've got this Wordpress thing down... I have done a heap of work to my site including adding MemberPress, BBPress and a heap of new pages for the members portal. Now I'm wondering if I should have created a child theme to protect it all from going pear-shaped when the next updates have to be done.

I don't really know about child themes other than by setting up the website in one, you protect the changes made. Is that correct? I use Beaver Builder for my pages but I haven't made changes to the actual theme I'm using (Twenty-Seventeen).

Jeez, I'm such an amateur! Any suggestions?
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