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Hello all mods, and I need to tell you, always check the interests and posts of anyone who requests to get in, and check for the behaviors of an alt (too good to be true sometimes, yet still a bit cancerous when you look.) This is to avoid getting raided ourselves.

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Raid this community

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More of a profile but I'm sure you can still do it
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I reposted it to hide my tracks

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Can we not only raid, but ROAST this boy up. He needs to grow up man.

Attention anyone from that art community, the raid was a request, not my own choice, I don't personally believe in the takedown of art, not matter the quality, however know many others do, and my job as a mod is to provide communities to raid, I got your community as a request, thus I made it an option to raid.

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I've got a job for you guys, if you want. Raid this place tomorrow. They bully people, and I can't stand bullies

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Who can takes this community down? By banning all members and spamming plz don't spam nudity because someone of them are kids

Thanks for approving my join request!
I'll do my best to be a useful & active member of the community!

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Can't find good places to raid today, Just take any available raid.
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