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Equipment: (two weapons at a time)
Class:(Engineer, Mercenary, Juggernaut, General, or Sniper)
Skill: (Improved accuracy, damage, speed, etc.)
Killstreak: (What you can call for in battle)
Theme: (Theme song, optional)

In order to do any sort of mission, it must include:
Operation name
Kind of mission
Mission objectives
Mission details
Side comments
Rewards for mission completion

Class information: 
Engineer: Assault weapons, pistols, launchers, average speed, average health, average armor, average accuracy

Mercenary: LMGs, miniguns, launchers, average speed, +15% health, +15% armor, -10% accuracy

General: Pistols, dual wielding pistols, shotguns, swords +10% speed, average health, average armor, average accuracy

Sniper: Sniper rifles, pistols, machine pistols, swords, +20% speed, -10% health, -10% armor, +30% accuracy

Juggernaut: Shotguns, machine pistols, riot shields, swords, LMGs, miniguns, launchers, -20% speed, +200% health, +150% armor, -20% accuracy

Engineer: Battle turret, combat drone, tesla coil, and rocket sentry

Mercenary: Surge (+25% damage for 20 seconds), Bloodthirst (damage dealt converted into health), and Death wizard (no reload for 20 seconds)

General: Regen boost (All allies get regeneration for 10 seconds), Aim boost (2x accuracy for allies)

Sniper: Battle scan (Reveal enemies), True stealth (Turn invisible for 20 seconds, though attacking will reveal you for a brief moment), and Wall hack (YOU CAN SHOOT THROUGH WALLS, DAMNIT!)

Juggernaut: Combustion (Burn all enemies in an 8 ft radius), Sub Zero (Freeze all enemies in an 8 ft radius), and Static field (electrocute all enemies in an 8 ft radius) 

Class skills:
Engineer: Iron grip (+20% accuracy), Adrenaline (Faster firing, meaning more carnage), Repair bots (regeneration), and efficiency (Killstreaks last longer)

Mercenary: No sweat (Less damage from explosives), Sacrifice (More damage, less health, +30% damage, -30% health), Scavenger (Steal ammo from dead enemies), and Ammo feed (Never reload with LMGs, can set someone on fire)

General: Fast hands (faster reload), Full auto (all weapons you wield become fully automatic), Transfusion (Killing an enemy within 5 feet of you heals you), and Gun play (Killing an enemy automatically reloads your weapon)

Sniper: Kill steal (+15% damage to enemies not targeting you), Armor pierce ( Pierce enemy armor and damage their health), Extreme focus (+30% accuracy after not shooting for 1 second), and Overkill (killing an enemy with lots of damage adds excess damage to next shot)

Juggernaut: Immovable object (+30% armor), Reflective plating (8% chance to reflect bullets at attacker), Booby trap (After losing armor, an explosion kills the enemy who destroyed your armor), and Resistance (Cannot be set on fire, covered in acid, electrified, or frozen) 

Other classes information:
Gunslinger-Can use dual wields and snipers, only females can use gunslinger class. Gunslinger has the RoF killstreak, which increases her team mates' rate of fire for the next minute.

Medic- Supportive class, can heal team mates, uses LMGs, applies to both male and female. Medics can use the rapid regen killstreak, which rapidly heals all team mates for a minute, making them almost unkillable. 

Ninja- Offensive and supportive class, ninjas use all guns in the trade, only females can use the ninja class, and ninjas are stealthier than snipers, and are used in close and medium range, unlike the sniper, who goes for long range kills, same skills and killstreaks from snipers can be used by ninjas. The new killstreaks that only apply to the ninja are the smoke bomb, which teleports the ninja to a random location, and the shurikens, which deal huge amounts of damage and poison enemies.

Knight-Rarest class, only the men who are good with melee attacks can be a knight, only melee weapons

Elite-The elite uses all sorts of elemental and experimental weapons. The elementals weapons include the acid hound, freeze ray, and lightning strike cannon. Only females can be an elite.

And remember, you have to take some damage. Not taking any damage is basically godmodding. And for your profile, your age must be 15+.
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This community is dead

Pulls trigger
And your dead.
Radio blares
"Skull Face we need you to team up with a few people for this next mission"
Me: I don't need no body
"Okay take down 100 trained soldiers by yourself"
Who do you have in mind.
"We've sent a helicopter to your destination."
OK. What's my mission?
"Take down Black Ogre. And report back when you're done"

Minutes later
Finally its arrived Puts on bandana
Helicopter arrives

(Open Rp)

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Name: Castro Benitez "Skull Face"
Age: 19
Gender: M
Class: Sniper and Marine
Equipment: Sniper rifle, hand gun, grappling hook, box of matches, binoculars, silencer, steel, flint, Phone, and cross
Killstreak: too many to count
Personality: Headstrong and lone wolf
Theme: Lose your self, Not Afraid, and Till I collapse
Appearance: Image
Bio: Born into a poor family, Castro was working from the age of 6. The neighborhood he lived in was getting shot up everyday, so he learned how to watch his back. James Brown was his only friend and helped him out with school. In 11th grade, a terrorist group bombed his school. He was the only one who survived. Though he lived, he had to replace his right hand with a bionic one. He soon was claimed dead and joined the military by the name of Skull Face.


(Logan can I do another profile)

Thank you whoever made a moderate r

Name: sean
Age: 22
Gender: male
Equipment: farsight ( sfh 3 custom sniper),
Class: sniper
Skill: speed
killstreak: wall hack
Personalty: gets angry very easily
appearance:brownhair and blue eyes, tall and he's Irish

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Class: stealth/ninja/spy (strike force hero 3)
Equipment:blend (I think?) (when crouch for at least 5 second you will go stealthy mode but the blend will go away when shot at or when you attack but not with the kartana)
weapons:ninja star,secondary:kartana
Kill streak:smoke bomb (tellaport any where and a three kill streak)
Bio:who cares XD
his sexy look(dont ask me):down below (sound so wrong in many ways sorry)


sit down on a building waiting for the global x leader to come out of hiding

"Any time would nice..."

(Open to all rp I forgot XD)

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