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Myanmar Star,  Aung Ye Lin...
 He came from the country of the constant genocidal Attacks are happening. It indicates the area must be the place of the ancient Good Royal lineages land. The Insignificant jealous merchants lineage  wanted the area Female to Breed their low lineages to keep acting fake royals.

 They have such Notorious insecurities. Homosexual. Disease , Media, Polygamist are their methods to catch up...   

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 The Host family  name is  Burnstein....
The Host told the You Tube viewers previously that He has Ginghiskhan lineages after DNA test was performed. How He has the Mongolian Emperor gene??
The Roman was the big enemy of the last  Greek Egyptian Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty.
 The current Big chaotic international  genocidal wars must be related with and  derived from this background. If the Cleopatra has Greek lineages means she was intelligent. She has a son by Casar and where has he moved to?
 The Cleopatra and Casar child was the Mixed breed of  the Roman and Greek Egyptian in 1st AD century.

  According to the signs of the Egyptian, The Korea Xila Golden dagger represents the Unification of the upper & Lower Egypt.

The Korea Xila dynasty(57BC- 935AD) golden dagger was made in the Northern Italy.   There were 6 people(Son/Bae/Lee/Jung/So/Choi) who ran from the  china Jin-Xi-Hwang-Di  dynasty great wall construction.  These 6 people Escaping theory  was meant  to  criticize the Jin dynasty in 57BC or to be truths. Or, again It was meant to manipulate history which was done by the Permanent enemy of the Greek Lineage Ptolemaic Pharaoh Cleopatra's prince son. The Roman soldiers might have settled in the Xila area.

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The Speaker 's family name is "Rho or Nho" whose ancestors might be from the main China. He shares his insights and very good. But two things I want to oppose to his . I agree to him saying that many of Koreans came from  the Shandong China.

1.  I communicated  to one Nepali girl who said Korea Sanskrit might be from  "Liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism and Janiism" . It means Korea Buddhism culture brought the shamanistic Bronze artifacts to Korea. The Jin-Xi-Hwan-Di and  the China Quing dynasty were highly Buddhism and Shamanistic Empires.  The Korea history should mention and study the Shang and the Chou dynasty before the Wye_Man Josun. and Three-Hans. Because Three- Hans and Wye -Man Josun were the China Ryu/Lee Dynasty who destroyed the rest of kingdoms in China. And their victimized kingdoms descendants escaped from  the Han-China Ryu empire to Korea peninsula since  the Jin  empire until the Ming dynasty. Korea might be ideal & safe shelters for the ancient Chinese political refugees.  

2. The Six Xila tribes were the Bae, Chung, Lee, So, Son, Choi.

 Good lecture and research. But, Please do not forget the Korea Sanskrit which is the priests language(  Nepali girl ). Also refer Dr. Gang Sang-Won's opinion, the root of the Korean Sanskrit and Han-Geul by Sjn-mi Buddhist Monk).

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Thieves made their living comfortably for the past 2323 years long ......
 The Jin dynasty and The Xin dynasty were murdered brutally in China by The Ryu clan......
In Korea..... they continued  their Butchers' clan acts in the ancient Korea again.......

 They drowned  the Goryeo Wang clan into the sea and found Josun Lee dynasty.......
 I know they did Wang clan Gene hacking too as well as all cultural heritages of the Jin... and  the Xin... and  the Gaya... and Xila... the Goryeo...... Jin, Kim, Wang clan killers do not deserve but  punishment.....

 I never have liked "Fictions"...... you see Why....
 Because true matters are much bitter and cruel........

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leehom wang-12 zodiacs
Animated Photo

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The first song I heard by him. I was hooked after hearing this. XD

I declare our fandom name to be HOMies. + 1 if you agree

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Violin cover of Wang Leehom's Still in Love With You (my favorite) and Tong Hua/Fairytale (another chinese song)
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