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My art.....I try to draw a wolf...I'm still learning how to what do you think?

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Try me
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Name: Buck
Age: 2 (14 in human years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Snow Wolf
Pack/Clan: N/A
Rank: Alpha
Likes: Honesty, loyalty, running, howling, hunting, caring for pups, protecting the pack/clan
Dislikes: Dishonesty, treachery, abandoning your friends/pack/clan, rival packs/clans
Parents: Mother- Moonlight- Alpha Snow Wolf+ Father- Soul- Omega Mountain Wolf
Siblings: Snowflake (R.I.P.), Ripper (Missing), Winter (Missing), Emilia(R.I.P.)
Bio: From the time we were born to the age of eight months, our parents raised us. At the age of eight and a half, our parents were killed by a ravenous pack of Mountain Wolves and a pack of Wild Wolves. They barely had enough time to hide us in a den. The two packs didn't hesitate to kill our parents. We later found out that the Mountain Wolves were after our father because he had attacked his own pack when they attacked his one true love, our mother. He then became a rogue wolf. The Wild Wolves were after our Mother for she was the only one of her pack who had survived their raid. They didn't find us because our den was always smelling of pups so none of them thought to look in the den. Five months later, me and my siblings ran off and we never left each others side. We ran, howled, hunted, and slept together. One day our sister, Snowflake, had gotten a horrendous injury on a hunt along with Emilia. We all stayed together until one fateful night when the two packs had found us. Ripper and I fought them off as if we were both ravenous and rabbid, but three got past us and killed Emilia and Snowflake. At that point I snapped! I went on a frenzy and started to kill both packs while Ripper and Winter took their chance and left with Emilia and Snowflake on their backs (so that they would have dignified burials). When the two packs were dead I looked around for my siblings and couldn't find them. After that battle, I never saw them again. Nine months later I found civilization and I also found a new pack after I had left civilization and I have been with them until three weeks ago when they had betrayed me and that's my whole life so far.
Element: Ice
(Power: Blizzard creation)
Personality: Trustworthy, protective, killer, caring, loyal, distant, stalker, mysterious
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A (single)
Pups: N/A
Saying: I will kill anyone who attacks someone in my pack/clan. WITHOUT MERCY!
👇= What I look like

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Fan art from Hario's friends

Hello My Fellow Wolf Clan people, I welcome you to one of the most awesome communities that let you be wild and free. Feel free to contact me at anytime that you need something. 

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Name : fawn
Age: 18 moons
Rank: hunter
Mom : moonlight
Dad : darknessdarkness
Pups: none
Mate: no one

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Name: Angel of dark and light
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Birthday: 17 april
Occopation: N/A

Hair: N/A
Eyes: dark black with a red burning circle in midle
Height: 6.2 foot
Body type: made from dark grey bones
Skin tone: dark grey hard to see
Tyipical clothing: dark black kape with a hoody with a strong meel armor

Personality: friendly with allys and good friend for evryone who accepts me like who i am aso mean and power taken will
Likes: to rest and think about future and training for war
Dislikes: people who are anoying others and some comonities
Abilities/Powers/Skills: able to take orders, dark and light powers, martial art fighting skils and able to warp or sommon minions from hell
Wepons: a hells light sword and a dark scythe to take lifes with
Pets: a hell dog and all crows are like my minions in battle aswell as watchers for batle ground
Sexual orientation: heterosexual (straight)
Relationship Status: single

Backstory/Biography: in my lifes start was a usual human which was bullied and laught about alot had loads of enemeys. So the years past and i started to train my self aso attended martial art clases and learned how to protect my self and how to use wepons like swords and a scythe. So I made a big back coming to thoes who where mean to me in my younger years. After that a man came up and asked me so I want to help him I sad yes and he asked to go with him. So he turned me into death and in hell I learned many spells (protective, defensive, destructive) I was in that academy for 10 years and now i'm a excellent assasian and a comander as so a great soldier in any war for my killing rage........... But now don't to who I should lend my strenght.....😈😈😈

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