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Move set:tackle, swift,double team,flamethrower
Ability: flash fire
Bio:Flare was traveling alone for awhile went on dungeon alone and he was thinking on joining a guild but he doesn't have a partner, he now sit on a hill shape of a sharpedo thinking of what to do next.

Flare was walking around treasure town then accidentally bump into (you) Flare:oh I'm sorry here let me help u up. Then you...

..... Rush approaches the near guild, thinking about entering guess I finally found a place...

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Name : Finnia
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Level : 20
Sexuality : straight
Personality: While Finnia tries to protect others the best she can, she is extremely stubborn. She never takes "no" as an answer and will kill if necessary
Likes: exploring, friends, reading
Dislikes : injustice, getting hurt for no reason, taking "no" as an answer
Team : none yet
Guild : none yet
Nature : serious
Moveset : aerial ace (tm)
fury cutter
razor shell
Icy wind (breed)
Ability : shell armor
Item : none
Bio : Finnia was born into a nomadic family and was always on the move. She lost her family by becoming separated from them and has travelled alone ever since. She isn't afraid of a fight or the sight of blood. She is extremely agile, steathy and lethal, making her a wanted criminal in certain cities.
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Pokemon: Flygon
Nicknames: Drake, Dragonfly
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Level: 55
Ability: Levitate
Fly (HM)
Steel Wing (TM)
Dragon Claw
Earth Power

Money: All the stuff he gets from Pokemon doing jobs
Item: A special Muscle Band his dad got him
Current team: N/A
Current Guild: Flygon Guild

Likes: food, sneaking around and surprising Pokemon, beating bandits and outlaws, when Pokemon listen to him
Dislikes: Pokemon getting bullied, feeling lonely/being ignored
Personality:  Very sneaky and tries to find out as much information as possible, Likes to help other Pokemon, Can become very cocky
Bio: Drake came from a dark background. When he was young, he was part of a war. Up until level 9, he was a spy in a war. He lived a decent life until he was level 4. Then, this war arose. At level 9, Drake left. Back then, he was just a Vibrava As he was leaving, he was chased by the 2 Glailies that killed his parents, 2 Flygons. He ran with the special Muscle Band that his dad give him at the level of 7. He barely managed to get away but way badly injured due to an Ice Beam. He collapsed in front of a village. This village had a kind elder named Camo the Camerupt. He took care of Drake from level 9 onwards. When Drake became level 15, he decided that it was time for him to leave the village. He went on many missions and did so many solo dungeon explorations. He went on many adventures and eventually he decided to settle down. He created a guild called Flygon Guild. All he had left of his parents, was the Muscle Band his dad gave him and the move, Fly which his mom taught him. He is now searching to destroy the Glailies.

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