Thank you for accepting me as a member of Tickled In Love.  I want every marriage to be like that.

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Any ones thoughts?
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I miss your updates.

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Today's post is about role-playing with a twist.  You both get to see the scenario but only you get to see your card and only they get to see theirs! So many surprises!  What is one of your fantasies that you would like to see me create?

PS.  I've worked really hard on this and I need your feedback, do you love this or hate it?  What would you improve on?  xox 

What is your favorite adult toy?  I'm searching for something that is perfect for couple use, has a lot of power, and won't die within a few months!  xox 

I am in the process of putting together a sexy basket for my man.  What do you suggest I put in my basket???   xox 

I have started hearing a ton about mail order boxes full of sex toys, ideas for  romance, and lingerie.  They range in price and variety.  Depending on the service you sign up for you can get a new one each month or every few months.  Have you seen these around?   Would you sign up for something that could bring a spark to your sex life?   xox 

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Love this...A cute idea for the next time you leave a little love note like this for your sweetie!  xox 

My hubby is getting a little bored with my initiating sex techniques!  Needless to say I'm not very creative.  How do you seduce your sweetheart into bed???   xox 

I need some help! I have been looking for some tips or tutorials on hogtying and/or rope play of sorts. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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